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ING Hartford Marathon & Half Marathon


Barbara Zirl:    4:39:50

Half Marathon

Tracy Keller:    1:55:56
Marathon Recap by Barbara Zirl
I returned to Connecticut Saturday for the ING Hartford Marathon based on my experience last year. This time, since I’m planning to run the Philadel- phia Marathon in November, I decided to treat the race as a long training run and not worry so much about my time. I call this “the slow down plan.”
The first and second place men were a speedy Kenyan and Ethiopian who train together. (I saw them heading in for their win as I headed for the halfway mark!) And the first place woman had never run more than a 10K before and finished with a spot at the Olympic tri- als. I crossed the finish line in 4:39:50 while they were already enjoying the post-race festivities!
The upside to the “slow down plan” was I could take in the beautiful scen- ery on a really perfect running day in New England. Cool, dry, crisp 50- degrees, leaves turning. Terrific specta- tors along the course in the city and into the suburban areas with people cheering from their driveways (hey — just like Boston). At each mile, there were groups of “mile barkers” who took ownership of the mile, shouting out the number, holding up hand-made signs and cheering. So you could not miss the mile markers in this race. Great idea! Lots of music playing all along the course to keep you motivated – from bagpipers to rock bands. The downside to my plan: feeling absolutely every ache and pain….slowly.
Fun post-race picnic in Bushnell Park next to the Hartford Capitol building with lots of food and music. Again, I was surprised to find no familiar faces except those nutty “Maniacs” and “Fifty -Staters” who show up at every event. No ERCers! C’mon people — it’s not that long a drive. Well…maybe on way the home. New age category for me in just weeks. Oh my! – Barbara Zirl

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