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Race Results

Beauty and the Beach 5M

Catherine Smith   30:51 (2nd OV, 1st AG)

Aileen O’Rourke   38:42 (2nd AG)

Justine Krell  42:39

Martta Kelly   43:45

Katie Maher   48:37

Patti Meyers   52:18

Jennifer Conroy   52:53

 Nov 5, Long Branch, NJ

Martta Kelly

This was my second year doing this all-women’s 5-mile race, much of it along the boardwalk in Long Branch, and while I had fun, we, unfortunately, did not have the spectacular weather that we had in 2010.  What we DID have was lots of wind, while waiting for the race to start and on the mile or so back to the finish.  Everyone I spoke with after the race spoke about how the strong headwinds affected their finishing times.  And although this is a race where lots of women dress up in pink boas, running skirts, and other fun clothes, it’s hard to dress “cute” when you’re trying to stay warm!

Nevertheless, we had 7 women from ERC compete in a field of 1,032, and, like last year, we got some nice swag: a powder blue, long-sleeve tech shirt (last year’s shirt was pink), plus the famous flip-flop necklace, also in powder blue.  As usual, there was lots of post-race candy (I suspect much of it was leftover Halloween candy but whatever), brownies, and my favorite, apple slices dipped in caramel.

This is a nice course, some of it through residential areas with the last couple of miles along the boardwalk.  Funds go to help Asian Youth Ministries, a children’s charity out of Red Bank.  

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