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Inaugural Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon

Nov 5, Savannah, GA

Tracy Keller 1:50:03 (PR by 3 minutes)

Last weekend I traveled to Savannah, GA, to take part in the inaugural Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon—my first event in this popular running series.

My husband and I met up with childhood friends in Atlanta then we all traveled together to what’s considered one of the most historic cities in the Southeast, Savannah—home of Paula Deen, Spanish moss, magnolia trees and more Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil paraphernalia than you could ever imagine. My friend’s recent knee surgery left me as the lone runner in our group.

The largest inaugural event Rock ‘n’ Roll has ever hosted sold-out every hotel in the small city (and beyond) and brought with it some unexpected traffic congestion for Friday night packet pick-up, but for the most part ran like a well-oiled machine (or well carbo-loaded runner). The fast, flat course took us first through an industrial section of town, then through the quaint historic district. Crowd support was strong along the entire route as residents wrapped in blankets on the chilly, yet sunny morning, planted their lawn chairs on every corner to cheer on the 23,000 (full and half marathoners) runners descending on their neighborhoods. I heard several actually saying “Welcome to Savannah, ya’ll. We’re glad to have you.” My support crew was out in full force at mile 7 to collect my layers as I shed them, mile 8 and again at finish line to help me push through those last few yards.

Results-wise, I had no intention of breaking any personal records in such a large festival-type event, but once I realized how flat and fast the course was and how good I felt just ticking off the miles I decided that rather than just maintaining a solid pace, I’d push my limits and go as strong as I could, for as long as I could. Sometimes I think strict training plans and carefully thought-out time goals add too much self-imposed pressure to the mix. What really matters—and what seems to work for me—is having fun, feeling strong and confident, and not getting carried away with the details. 

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