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ERC New York City Marathon Results

2011 – New York City Marathon

Paul Kartanowicz  3:00:39 (PR)
Jorge Lopes   3:10:01
Tom Eaton   3:13:23
Stephen Sundown   3:14:21
Amanda King   3:26:41
Graham James   3:27:24
Jennifer Odell    3:30:27
Mona Jha   3:45:15
Dorothy Auth   3:51:28
John Fabbro    3:58:40
Susan Fasciano    4:10:55
Sanjay Kohli    4:11:24
Melissa DiMarco    4:20:49
Andi Robik   4:41:48
Don Manfria   4:54:39
Robbin Jordan   5:31:30
Julie Harris    5:35:53

To all ERC marathoners, congratulations on another heroic accomplishment, whether it be your first or 621st you are heroes. Finishing the NYC marathon is a moment to be proud of.
– John Harvey

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Check your MEMBERSHIP status: Click image below

NYC Marathon Bus

NYC Marathon Bus

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