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Race Results

CJRRC Hangover Run 5K (New Year’s Day)

  • Larry Czaplewski, 17:59  (2nd AG)
  • Gary Peters, 21:36
  • Mark Frankel, 22:04
  • Rich Unis, 22:38
  • George Swiatek, 25:51

By Mark Frankel

I had actually signed up for this race last year, but it was postponed due to a blizzard.  I couldn’t make it to the makeup, so CJRRC (who puts on the race) allowed me to transfer my fee to the Not Quite Fall Classic, but that was postponed due to a hurricane.  So I decided to give the Hangover Run another try.

I was rewarded with beautiful weather, which allowed me to run in shorts and a singlet, and a redesigned course, which was supposedly even faster than the old one.

After coming up limping at Giralda Farms, I haven’t been running so much.  In fact, I wasn’t even sure I’d finish the race.  However, once I started I felt ok.  I wasn’t in the mood to push too hard to find out, but I was more than happy with my result.  Finishing was great.  Finishing in less than a PW was absolutely incredible.

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NYC Marathon Bus

NYC Marathon Bus

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