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The Resolution Run and a 24-Hour Runner

Resolution Run 2012 with Runner

by Phil Coffin

A few minutes before 50 or so runners took off from Fleet Feet on the
annual New Year’s Day Resolution Run, Mike Skara had finished running
for 24 hours in the Freedom Park New Year’s Eve Ultra in Morganton,
N.C. Mike covered 92.2 miles, beginning his race on the morning of New
Year’s Eve and running through the night and into daylight again in
the new year.


It’s a feat that few of us can fathom, even the marathoners and
ultra-marathoners among us. But it’s the sort of effort and
achievement that can make us wonder at the capabilities within us all.

As well as appreciate the wonder of running with so many others on a
beautiful morning with a clean slate in a new year. Two courses — 8.9
miles and about 5 miles — allowed runners to make their way to the
top of Eagle Rock Reservation via Snake Hill, which remains cluttered
with trees, limbs and leaves, two months after the freak October
snowstorm. With groups running different distances, there was plenty
of opportunity for encouragement and hellos all up and down Snake

The 9/11 Memorial at the top of the reservation is inspirational at
any time, but it seems especially so on New Year’s Day, when we
realize how blessed we are for renewed opportunity. It’s a delight to
share that with others at the memorial, as everyone has a chance to
own up to running resolutions.

They range from basic (better health, better running) to specific (Tom
Eaton, for example, a marathon PR; Jay Kohli, to run New York;
Rosemary Williams, about to be a first-time Boston runner, to
requalify) to exotic (Glenn Trimboli, to run a 50-miler at age 50;
Chris Jaworski, to run the 100-mile race in Vermont) to the almost Zen
(Harold Porcher, “to prevent external forces from affecting my
running”; me, “to focus more on what I can do, not what I can’t”)

Afterward, John Fabbro opened up Fleet Feet to us all, with a spread
that Laura Messina and friends orchestrated to great satisfaction.

Here’s a general resolution we can all take away from a run like this
one: there is little better than running with friends.

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