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Race Results

A Snowy Manhattan Half Marathon

By Paul Kartanowicz

4 Runners Pose in Central Park

Stephen Sundown, Paul Kartanowicz, Tom Eaton, Glen Trimboli

I decided after the first mile that I wanted to save my legs and that a PR was just unattainable, but I turned it into a nice high Aerobic longish run. That way I still got in a quality workout despite the circumstances and I didn’t beat up my legs too much. I actually had to remove my bib as to mentally take myself out of race mode and go into training mode. At first it was a little frustrating not being able to really race, but after a few miles I settled in and was really nice enjoying the park and the camaraderie that running brings. Some people dream their whole lives of visiting New York and we just got a nice low pressure tour of Central Park. I was reminiscing about the first time I ran this race, back in 2008. I went out too fast and blew up at the end and I remember Doug passing me and trying desperately to stay with him. It was nice wearing the new Doug memorial hat and feeling like he was there with us in spirit. Life is short and it is fun times like this that will live on in our memories.


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