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I too braved the Manhattan Half Marathon

By Aubrey Blanda:  I too am so happy I braved the elements to run with NYRR in yesterday’s Manhattan Half. After finding the most awesome free parking spot ever right off Central Park West near the finish (something some people also dream their whole lives about!), I was pumped! I met my NYC running buddy and we decided to run as hard as the conditions allowed. I wanted to test out my new bright orange racing shoes, since I heard that the color alone is worth five minutes off my time, but I would have been better off in trail shoes. Or maybe hiking boots! The roads weren’t icy, but sticky clumping snow made it impossible to get a grip on the road. Nonetheless, I was very impressed with the way everyone seemed to settle in to a single file line to run on a narrow path that was the most run-able. Everyone seemed to be having fun, even the woman running next to me whose face was covered in ice. She looked like one of those people in sci-fi movies who are found alive in huge chunks of ice after 100 years. But the best part was standing at the finish line, waiting for my friend. I heard this guy to my right talking smack to this woman next to him. I turned around to give him a dirty look, and who were the two? Greg and Sharon, joking around. So great see these guys!

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