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ERC Runners Defy the Snow and Run

by Phil Coffin

The weather forecast was the bane of most runners: snow, cold and wind. And this forecast held true Saturday morning.

ERC Runners Charge the West Essex Trail

Fernando Padilla, Jr., Randi Cohen and Elsa Slater, photo by John Harvey

And still the runners ran.

ERC runners drove into the city to run the Manhattan Half-Marathon, even though it had been converted into an unscored fun run. They stayed home and met to run the roads and trails of Essex County instead, while the snow swirled and the wind blew and even the snowplow drivers stayed home. They woke up the next morning and ran at Grove Pharmacy, at Fleet Feet, at the Smoke Rise bun run. Footing was acceptable on many roads, tricky on sidewalks, but many runners were not deterred

Glenn Trimboli called running the Manhattan Half course in the snow fun. Tom Eaton said the first loop was fine, the second loop dicier because the inch or two of snow had been trampled enough to make it like running in sand. There is a Facebook photo of Tom, Glenn, Paul Kartanowicz and Stephen Sundown after the run, and you can see the sleet that was blowing in their faces as they ran up and down the hills of Central Park.

These were the first runs in snow of 2012, and undoubtedly they will not be the last. But get out quickly if you want the Icecapades experience; rain and 50-degree weather on Monday will make the first blast of winter only a memory.

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