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The Rockefeller Run

By Phil Coffin and Chris Jaworski

The idea of running at the Rockefeller State Park Preserve just outside Tarrytown, N.Y., had been percolating among Sunday morning groups for years. We had heard from ERC buddies and other friends how delightful the well-groomed trails on the former Rockefeller estate were to run and roam.

After the Rockefeller Run, at Sleepy Hollow High School: Back row, from left: Chris Jaworski, Greg Van Inwegen, Sharon Morrissey, John Fabbro, Paul Giuliano, Chris Gebhard (Sugoi rep). Front row: Sue Fasciano, Phil Coffin

We learned today that our running buddies were right. John Fabbro organized an outing led by a Sugoi sales representative, Chris Gebhard, who is quite familiar with the trails and agreed to lead us through the Preserve. (It’s easy to get lost if you don’t know the trails!) On a brilliantly sunny morning that was about as good as a winter morning can be for running, we were treated to a spectacular run.

As Chris Jaworski wrote: “It seems that running in the affectionately nicknamed Rockies was something several of us had wanted to do for a long while, so this outing was fulfilling in that big way. It was also fulfilling as a run … with friends … on nice trails … with scenic views of the Hudson and the woods and grassy hillsides and stone buildings and bridges and water and, let’s not forget, our brown cow buddies.”

It’s roughly an hour from Montclair, but the payoff was worth it.

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