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The Run for the Golden Foot

By Phil Coffin

About 40 runners took part in Fleet Feet’s second annual Prediction Run on Sunday, in hopes of claiming the prized Golden Foot won last year by Tom Eaton. It’s a novel concept: you learn the 13-mile course just before the start, leave your watch behind, predict your finish time and go, guided by your internal clock only. (Two-person teams can split the course, making the run feasible for those who can’t run a half.) Whoever comes closest to the predicted time wins. Last year Tom predicted his time to the second.

Over 40 runners ran without watches, heart rate monitors, or phones to see who could come closest to their predicted time.

Not this year. Most runners, it turned out, ran much faster than they predicted on a cold, windy morning, but Kim Maguire was within 34 seconds of her predicted time to win a Sugoi jacket from Fleet Feet. Laura Gelman was second, about a minute and a half off her prediction, and Team Writers Cramps, Ted Bongiovanni and Phil Coffin, was third. Our friends at Fleet Feet had a nice spread afterward and put on a runners’ “cocktail” party — carbs ‘n’ coffee. Many thanks to John Fabbro and his staff at Fleet Feet for their efforts to give us a different kind of Sunday run, and to their Sugoi/Feetures socks representative, who donated apparel for the prizes.

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