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Febapple Frozen 50

Febapple Frozen 50

February 25, 2012

There were about 250 people for the trail races held in South Mountain Reservation on Saturday, February 25, as part of the NJ Trail Series. There were 4 distances – 10 miles, 21 miles, 50K (31 miles) or 50 miles. All the races used the same 10 mile loop that was mostly on single track hiking trails or double track carriage trails, some of them with rocks and tree roots that makes running very difficult. The course also had lots of hills including some very steep ascents and descents.There was an elevation gain/loss of over 1,000 feet on each 10 mile loop. Surprisingly the wind wasn’t much of a factor but the rain from the previous day made parts of the trail very muddy. These were the ERC finishers, all in the 21 mile race.  – Mick Close

Glenn Trimboli (7th overall) … 3:27:37
Mick Close … 3:40:35
Rob Gerin … 3:47:11
Laura Gelman … 3:52:00
Chris Jaworski … 3:59:27
Joe Benny … 4:15:23
Ashley Byron … 4:28:54
Ellen Kim … 4:44:47

More information about these trail races is available at There will be a good opportunity to try one of these races on April 14 when there will be 4 more races in South Mountain Reservation – 5K, 5 miles, 10 miles and half marathon.

Chris Jaworski also commented on the Febapple Frozen 50

You captured it perfectly, Mick. I’ll just add a few side notes …

— Attendance was up significantly over last year’s, probably because of the warm winter we’ve been having. There were 100 finishers in 2011 and 250 in 2012. No snow or ice on the course this year!
— The course was marked with white flour on the ground rather than with brightly colored ribbons on trees and bushes. I thought the flour worked well. Sure, the rain had washed some of it off, and what remained could be difficult to spot, but lowering the marks from shoulder to foot level meant we didn’t have to be continually switching between glancing up to follow the course and looking down for trail hazards. I think perhaps marking a trail course in this way both makes it easier to follow and reduces the chances that runners will hurt themselves.
— Last year, the course consisted of two loops, one on the eastern side of the reservation and the other on the western side. This year, the race directors went with just the eastern loop so that, during February’s cold weather, runners would have shorter distances between aid stations (4 miles, 2.8 miles, 3.2 miles). This worked very nicely. And I liked that the start, finish, parking, portos, registration, and main aid station were all in one spot, centrally located on the course. We’d run through that spot a few times.
— Glenn exceeded his expectations and ran better than a 10-minute-per-mile pace — quite impressive on such a tough course!
— Randy Miller’s voice in my head got me to a sub-4-hour finish … hee hee … made it with 33 seconds to spare.  – Chris Jaworski

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