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Congrats to all! Essex reclaims top club award at this year’s Interclub Challenge!



Essex reclaimed the top club award this year from the Clifton Road Running Club! Excellent performances from our top male & female runners ensured that, even thought we did not have the turnout of the always numerous Clifton runners, we tipped the scales in the scoring of the top dozen runners of each team and came out on top!

Clifton again took the dual club (Clifton / Essex) competition.

Again, Congrats to all!! Let’s try and get back both trophies next year!

Finally, thanks to all the volunteers this year who turned out in force and made this competition a smoothly running affair!

The final points tabulation for 2012 Interclub Challenge is:

Interclub Competition (1st 12 runners count – last place runners added if less than 12):
1. Essex: 179
2. Clifton: 208
3. Do Run + Geezers: 467
4. Rose City (5 runners): 248 + (7 X 82 penalty) = 822

Clifton / Essex Competition (27 runners on each club counted):
1. Clifton: 947
2. Essex: 1039

Other Results:
Top Male finishers:

Clock Name                   Bib#    Club    Handicap
30:58 Rodrigo  Cacores      40    Clifton   2:30
31:39 Antonio  Massa         1    Clifton   1:30
31:52 Paul     Giuliano    122    ERC       1:30
32:14 Franz    Mitterer    692    Do Run    4:30

Top Female Finishers:
32:29  6th Karen      Merz        125 ERC     3:00
33:25 13th Nora       Candelario   27 Clifton 6:30
33:36 15th Catherine  Smith       112 ERC     2:30
33:55 22nd Antoinette Marmora      28 Clifton 5:00

Youngest Finisher:
40:56 82nd Conner     Walters     691 Geezers 0:30

Oldest Finisher:
52:33 100th Bill      Welsh        33 Clifton 11:30

Complete individual results can be found here:

Essex Group ICC 2012




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