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Junior Track Meet Volunteers – THANK YOU!

Thank you!!!! Our last Sunday meet was fantastic. At 4:45pm when the rains came down I didn’t think we were having a meet at all, so I really appreciate everyone sticking around, having a great attitude and pulling off a wonderful event.
We had over 125 kids on July 15th, 85 kids on the first night (July 1st).

Again, I think everything ran incredibly well and that is due to all of your hard work. The smiles on the kid’s faces were wonderful to see.

I’ll have so many memories – the little girl who won her heat of the 50 and would probably have run all the way around the track if her Dad hadn’t caught up with her to stop her, the little boy celebrating his 200 meter run about 10 meters before he even got to the finish line, the looks of effort and determination on the kid’s faces as they neared the finish lines, running out of popsicles on the second meet but being saved by a parent that wanted to help.

As I have said before, these events never could have happened without all of your help and for that I am forever grateful.

We will be back again next summer! I hope to see you all out there again.

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