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Memories from River to Sea team – Fleet Feet Lucky 13

Our members included: John Fabbro, Michele Johnson, Sue Fasciano, Jay Kohli, Beverly Salerno and Kimberly  McGuire + our amazing, reliable drivers Rod Weaver and Kerry O’Keefe.

Our journey started at 6:10am with Bev who did a superb job on leg 1. Then Sue F flew along leg 2 effortlessly, Kimberly took off on Leg 3 but we were only able to crew her only once, even without being given water by us her determination and experience got her to the end where Michele ran the “Beast” like it was 2nd nature but I guess it must be since she runs hills all the time. John buzzed along on leg 5 and it was starting to get really warm. Jay took off on leg 6 which had to be 100 degrees and I wondered how is he going to do it that heat, then I realized you “just do it”.

As the Captain I decided to run Stages 7 & 8 back to back. This was going to be quite a challenge! If it were not for the crewing I received every 3/4 to 1 mile, remembering words of wisdom given to me in the past from Laura and Phil, and Paul Giuliano coming up to me in his jeep and telling me to take it step by step, and the positive vibes I felt from all as they waited at the end of the leg, who knows what would have happened.

Kimberly seemed to enjoy the “Frying Pan” and I swear she was faster than us being able to crew her-we’ll forget about leg 3, right Kimberly?, Sue & Jay nailed the Wild Card and Beverly ran leg 12 after she and John changed legs. Beverly was determined to give it all she had and she certainly did. John ran leg 13 like a bat out of hell w/thanks & encouragement from his crew team and he got to Michele at stage 14 who got us to the finish.

Rod & Kerry were wonderful, efficient and fun drivers & thanks to them both because we were able to rest and recover in-between running and crewing. Fellow Captains, having drivers is the way to go.

We were on the edge of the time limit but gave it our all. We all proved once again never underestimate the human spirit, desire, determination and potential.

Sue Palermo Captain Fleet Feet Lucky 13.

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