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Smoke Rise Biathlon

2012 Biathlon start

The 12th Annual Smoke Rise Biathlon was be held on Saturday August 25. Last year the event was cancelled last year due to bad weather. This year there were ominous signs. Threatening clouds and thunder forced a delay, and just when the decision was made that the threat of lighting had passed and the race could start the rain started to pour instead.

For me this was my first time trying a multi-sport event. And, critically, my first time swimming anything longer than the length of a pool. But since I just completed my Learn-to-Swim class at the Montclair YMCA, I was confident I, at least, would not drown. My dear wife, however, was not entirely convinced of that fact and on multiple occasions tried to talk me out of this fool-hardy attempt.

For those who are not familiar with this event, it is a 1/3 mile open water (lake) swim (out and back), with a 4 mile around the lake run afterwards. George Studzinski, a member of the Smoke Rise Striders (who graciously sponsor this event) and a long time member of ERC and a Hall-of-Famer, has been trying to convince me to come to this event for many, Many years. Just when he had given up every seeing me here I was and ready to try and complete the entire event!

Back to the event at hand, we had a good contingent of ERC members: John Harvey, Martta, Dan Murphy, Aileen & the rest of the O’Rouke clan, Don & Carol Ann Manfria, Wayne Carlson, Sue Palermo, Anne Chesny, and John Fabbro of Fleet Feet. At 5pm the race was started with the swim portion. For me the realization that I had not yet learned the techniques necessary to do long distance swimming set in rather quickly. After the initial panic subsided I settled into a half Breast-Stroke, half Crawl that kept me moving forward albeit very slowly. I glanced in front to watch even the slowest swimmers take a substantial lead from me. Now I know what it’s like to be at the back of the pack I was personally escorted by the lifeguard on a surfboard the whole way back. I was told by others that did the swim that it was a tough swim in the pouring rain, but considering for me personally if was the most arduous task I’m done in awhile I assumed it was like that in any distance swim.

Finally after what seemed like forever (in truth it was about 22 minutes), my feet touched sand and I could now walk up to the transition area and put my running shoes on. Although a little light headed, I was now in my element and started running as hard as I could. I suspect I was around ten minutes behind the slowest swimmers, and started to catch the slower runners after a couple miles. I did put a respectable run in and was glad to finish.

After all the competitors finished there were Hotdogs, Beans and Beer for everyone.

Results can be found here:

Smoke Rise 2012 Biathlon Final Times

# Race Total  Swim  Name
  Number Time Time  
1 18 31:53:00 6:48 Kevin Dibble
2 17 35:44:00 9:32 Dan Murphy
3 105 36:38:00 6:47 George & Aileen O’Rourke
4 102 37:34:00 10:26 Peter Tumvey  & Pam Fales
5 106 38:32:00 10;42 Anne Chesny and Ryan Bialosurnia
6 108 38:56:00 10:22 Tiffany Fairchild and Gary Smith
7 10 39:16:00 9:50 Karyn Layton
8 11 41:07:00 14:06 Bryan Matria
9 109 41:35:00 10:42 Bridget Tapilas & Dan Manfrett
10 107 41:43:00 9:21 Gregg and Kathy Freggstron
11 8 41:46:00 8:55 John Prentzel
12 4 43:30:00 13:27 Wayne Carlson
13 13 45:22:00 11:40 John Harney Jr.
14 16 46:52:00 10:37 Kim Sedlacek
15 3 47:52:00 11:34 Karin Hoffsten
16 9 48:20:00 9:15 Oliivia Prentzel
17 7 48:46:00 11:55 Tony Fleischman
17 6 48:46:00 11:56 Stepahanie Fleischman
18 19 49:03:00 12:00 Joe Calabrese
19 103 51:09:00 13;35 Radinder & Amarjeet Sidhu
20 22 52:15:00 17:30 Paul Maston
21 104 53:09:00 13:58 Dirk & Gian Haasner
22 20 54:23:00 10:45 Rich Leberman
23 101 54:54:00 17:27 Chlesea & John Fabbro
24 1 58:05:00 13:34 Martta Kelly
25 12 58:34:00 22:02 Desmond Duncker
26 23 60:17:00 16:15 George Studinski
27 14 60:18:00 12:31 Sheila Barbach
28 15 64:01:00 11:06 Marianna Zolotukhina
29 100 70:29:00 17:28 Sue Palermo & CarolAnn Mansfria




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