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Verona Labor Day Classic 5K

September 3 was the 30th annual running of the Verona Labor Day Classic 5K.  While it was slightly humid, the weather was cool enough to allow the 115 1-mile finishers and the 537 5K finishers to participate in a great race day!  ERC was well represented in the race, and congratulates the two female finishers overall in the 5K (Catherine Smith and Karen Merz) and the top two male masters finishers (Larry Czaplewski and Michael Gorman).  A big round of applause to all the volunteers and runners, and we’ll see you next year.

The 5K results can be found on here: 5K Results

The 1 Mile run results is listed here: 1 Mile Results

These were some of the finishers from the club, apologies to anyone I missed.

Larry Czaplewski (1st AG) … 18:13
Michael Gorman (1st AG) … 18:16
Catherine Smith (1st Overall) … 18:31
Fred King (1st AG) … 18:48
Glen Freyer (2nd AG) … 19:17
Fernando Padilla Jr … 19:33
Glenn Trimboli (2nd AG) … 19:58
Chris Kearns … 20:34
Karen Merz (2nd Overall) … 20:40
John Young (3rd AG) … 20:46
Larry Miller … 20:52
Gary Peters (3rd AG) … 21:48
Andrea Silk (5th Overall, 3rd AG) … 21:50
Mona Jha (1st AG) … 21:53
Robbie Hollander … 24:07
Andi Robik … 24:39

Joe Calabrese 24:50
George Swiatek … 25:29
George McIntyre (2nd AG) … 26:33
Jodi Zielinski … 26:36
Paige Sato (PR) … 26:57
Martta Kelly … 27:19
Scott Flood … 27:36
Yael Gelman … 27:37
Laura Gelman … 27:37
Melissa DiMarco … 27:55
Barbara Zirl … 28:00
Sean Brinks … 29:01
Chip Bearden … 29:04
Ed Trieste … 29:07
Zoe Gelman … 33:17

Photos can be viewed here: Link

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Check your MEMBERSHIP status: Click image below

NYC Marathon Bus

NYC Marathon Bus

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