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President’s Corner – Oct 2012

I hit an important milestone the last week of August: I had my one-thousandth workout at my company’s gym.

I wasn’t sure if that would catch their attention.  Maybe, I thought, there might be an alarm notifying everyone that I passed such a threshold, perhaps even triggering Don Pardo to come out and announce: “Here’s Mark Frankel, and he’s doing his one-thousandth workout….”

But that didn’t happen.  I didn’t even get an email.  However, I’m not angry.  Maybe a little disappointed, but not enough to make me stomp me feet and cry over the lack of attention.  No, I have a three-year old son and a seven-year old daughter to take care of that.

Instead, I just quietly went back to the gym and worked out again.  I figured I’d get more comments if I didn’t workout   The only one who really made a big deal of reaching one-thousand is me, and that’s ok.

Granted, it doesn’t rank up there with getting married or witnessing the birth of each of my children, but it’s still a good little milestone.  Like all of us in the ERC, though, I really appreciate having the opportunity to workout. And since I love using a gym as my home base, there’s got to be one nearby.   In fact, I wouldn’t have even taken my current job if they didn’t have a company gym.

I remember that five and a half years ago, when a headhunter called me up to ask me if I was interested in the job, my first impulse was to say no.  It was up in Rockland County, a big haul for me – even further from home than my job at the time.  But the headhunter mentioned it had a gym.  So I agreed to go there for an interview.  Even better I found out, the office is less than a mile away from a park with a cinder track.

At the interview, I was a little giddy about the gym.  I wanted to inspect it.  Granted, I had one where I was working at the time, but it was really tiny.  And yes, I didn’t really care for the job either.  But I wasn’t going to leave for just anything.

It was hard to keep my anxiousness under wraps at the interview.  When they finally asked me if I had any questions, it was tough not to ask about the gym.  In some ways it more sense to ask about deliverables, since that’s what they were going to pay me for, rather than how many calories I’d burn at the gym.

Two days after the interview, I was offered the job, and, despite my earlier reservations, my response was “yes, I’m so there.”  I probably didn’t use that language, but it was something like that.  And I haven’t been disappointed.

The gym is wonderful.  They have a nice assortment of cardio machines: treadmills, bikes, elliptical, and even a nice torture device called Jacob’s Ladder, which I used to use once a week for a year until it began to hurt the back of my knees.

Yes, there are plenty of weights, both free and machines.  I use them, but you can hardly tell.  Reference my last President’s Corner.  I like toned spaghetti arms.

The one bummer is the small fee.  It’s real tiny – smaller than a co-payment for one doctor’s visit.  That’s why they make you sign in before you use it.  That’s how I knew I made it to one-thousand visits.  Do you think I actually keep a log?

Anyway, now I’ve got to go back and work on getting to number two-thousand.  Maybe they’ll get Don Pardo when I reach that milestone.


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