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Liberty 1/2 Marathon

So after my mile run on Saturday, I thought about doing the Liberty Half in Jersey City on Sunday. I’d been battling a stomach bug during the week and figured I’d just see how I felt. As it turns out, I felt terrible. I had hardly slept and my stomach was doing flips at 6:30 a.m.

After an exceedingly long bathroom visit (which I will mercifully leave out of the recap), I resolved to just run with the guys at Grove and take it easy. I got out the door at 7:05 and bolted toward Grove — it’s only 2 blocks from my house. I got close enough to hear the guys’ voices when I suddenly stopped. It was a perfect cool morning and I felt good racing out of the house. If I had a good day running from Grove, I’d only regret having passed up a chance at 13.1.

My half marathon PR of 1:32:00 has stood since January 2010. I’ve always thought it was vulnerable, but I never had the right opportunity. I’ve mentioned wanting to best the time at two successive New Years Resolution runs without success. As I’m eying an October 21st marathon, I felt I had a good shot at the distance if my stomach would cooperate.

I’ll save you all the crazy logistics — jumping in the car without my usual race day prep, no breakfast save half a dry piece of toast and just one goo, getting lost when the GPS took me to the same exit onto 139 that’s been under construction since I’ve lived in Jersey, registering in time for the race, but not in time to pee before hand. Yadayadayada. Okay, I didn’t really save you much.

Despite all this, my instinct when I left my house the first time was solid. I felt strong (albeit uncomfortable as hell with a full bladder) through most of the race and knocked nearly 2 minutes off my PR down to 1:30:04. I thought it was kind of a yahoo thing to run back-to-back races, but the guy with a Sneaker Factory shirt who stood next to me at the mile in NYC was standing just in front of me today at the half, so I knew I wasn’t crazy, I was just a runner.

Look forward to having a new resolution in time for January!

Glen Freyer


I too ran the Liberty half yesterday, also with some adversity.

Woke up Saturday morning with a pretty sore right leg, probably my hamstring. Spent a fair amount of time aggressively massaging it with both my hands and a roller. This continued Sunday morning, but was able to work out most of the knots so I got in my car and headed to Jersey City.

Got there and was still sore. After I picked up my number, sat in the back seat of my car aggressively rubbing my butt. Probably not a pretty sight.

Fortunately once I started running the race the leg felt fine. Although not a PR, I did run ~ 2 min faster than last year to finish in 1:41:10. I was pleased and setting my sights on my first NYC marathon!

Dave Gurniak via

Shameless plug: I set a PR running the Liberty Half Marathon today, by 6 minutes!

Michael Gorman


Place    Runner            Time    Pace Gender-Pl. Age-Grp-Place PLP  ChipTime
 109. Michael Gorman  1:27:11.00  6:39 103/1497  M40-44:16/190  70.71 1:27:06.22
 151. Glen Feyer      1:30:07.51  6:52 141/1497  M45-49:18/149  73.61 1:30:04.10
 285. John Kriens     1:37:05.15  7:24 246/1497  M40-44:43/190  65.56 1:36:48.91
 325. Amanda King     1:38:32.70  7:31 52/1144   F50-54:2/36    76.57 1:38:23.01
 401. Mona Jha        1:40:38.83  7:40 76/1144   F45-49:8/81    71.52 1:40:29.54
 425. Dave Gurniak    1:41:19.68  7:44 346/1497  M50-54:30/121  67.77 1:41:10.37
1050. Donald Manfria  1:56:10.98  8:52 763/1497  M50-54:57/121  59.63 1:55:50.29
1076. Howie Brown     1:56:29.10  8:53 777/1497  M70-74:5/12    69.27 1:56:07.16
1453. Laura Barry     2:03:44.66  9:26 478/1144  F30-34:109/250 53.22 2:03:11.85
1995. Edward Trieste  2:16:43.90 10:26 1253/1497 M45-49:130/149 46.93 2:15:39.60

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