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At the Races

A season’s worth of tri-s

Sue Palermo and Bev Salerno recap their August and September tri-efforts!

Aug 12: Sue and Bev did “Presidential Lakes Spring Tri” — 1/4 mile swim, 11mile bike, and 5K. Great bike and run course, but the water left a brown residue on our skin that was not flattering at all. We all looked like apes coming out of the water.

Sept 9: Sue did “War at the Shore” in Long Branch — 300yard ocean swim, 11mile bike, 3mile run. Tough ocean swim,nasty current; thank God for the Lifeguard (nice eye candy also) who came out of nowhere and helped me. Swim was finally cancelled. Good bike and run, though.

Sept 23: Sue and Bev did “One More Tri for Special Olympics”. Beverly and I forgot we had registered for just the Aqua/Velo (swim/bike) and absent-mindedly did the whole thing. 1/4 mile ocean swim, 12mile bike, 3mile run. Good swim and great bike course but the run was just OK. The 1st mile had very uneven terrain and narrow paths. The course didn’t clear until we got on the boardwalk. The event was for a great cause, The Special Olympics. This was Beverly’s last Tri for the season.

Oct 7: Sue did “Treasure Island Tri” as a relay with Sue swimming, Diane Modica on bike, and Carol-Ann Manfria running. The course was a 1/4 mile swim in the Manasquan river, 10.5mile bike, and 3mile run. We called ourselves “The Her-icanes”, and we placed 2nd in the team standings. It was Diane’s and Carol-Ann’s 1st Tri, and they did exceptionally well. I have a feeling both caught a little Tri fever.

Hard to believe Season 2 is behind us; it’s been an amazing journey. We’ll continue to train multi-sport through the fall and winter in preparation for Season 3 (and hoping that cute Lifeguard remembers me…)

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