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Trenton Double Cross Half Marathon Recap

I was training for the NYC Marathon (which was going to be my first marathon ever), but since it was canceled I thought to use my training for something. I found there was an opening for the Trenton Half Marathon on November 10th. I have run a few half marathons before. And I was so ready from the training I thought it was a great last minute decision.

The Trenton Half was a good course. They call it “Double Cross” since it crosses over two states (NJ/PA). The best part was the last loop running into the baseball stadium with the crowds cheering and getting your medal at home plate.

Trenton was a PR for me. My fastest time (before Trenton) was 2:04. I finished Trenton in 1:55!

This was all thanks to Essex Running Club and Fleet Feet for pushing me during our training runs. Thank you!

Samantha Spitaletta –  1:55:05 465th place
Trenton Double Cross Half Marathon – Trenton, NJ 11/10/2012 13.1 miles

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NYC Marathon Bus

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