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ERC teams at the NYRRC Armory indoor meet

Last Tuesday, March 5th, was the last NYRRC Armory indoor meet for the 2013 winter season. Before our event began, there was a special event set up for a fast relay of 4×800 at which the Central Park Track Club set a men’s 70s record in the 4 x 800m. Watching the 70 year old guys smashing the world record reminded me of our own Vince Carnivale who would have have enjoyed watching this event.

Anyway, we had two teams entered: Jersey Flash and Pride of NJ. There were 6 clubs represented on the teams – Do Run Runners, Fleet Feet/ Essex, Morris County Striders, Garmin, North Jersey Masters, and Raritan Valley Road Runners.

Each team has 10 runners, and each relay leg is 200m, so each runner had to do 5 legs.

The fast Jersey Flash team ran a time of 26:39 (32 sec / 200 m) which was faster than Galen Rupp’s American track record of 26:48 and Leonard Patrick Komon’s (Kenya) world road record of 26:44 – Kenenisa Bekele’s (Ethiopia) world track record is 26:17.53 (for ONE guy, not a RELAY).

Pride of NJ’s time of 30:19 (36 sec / 200 m) was faster than Shalane Flanagan’s American track record of 30:22 and Paula Radcliffe’s world road record of 30:21 – Junxia Wang’s woman’s world track record is 29:31.78 (again a time set by ONE person, as opposed to our ten person relay).

The combined times of our 2 teams beat Bill Rodgers’ 20K American record of 58:15.0. Haile Gebrselassie’s (Ethiopia) world track record is 56:25.98, while Zersenay Tadese’s (Eritrea) world road record is 55:21.

The Armory 10K relay is definitely intense and fun! I’d like to thank the dedicated athletes who made the trek in, who competed and who made the event a great memory for me.

Randy Miller

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