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Annual Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to 2012 Runners!

The Essex Running Club held its “Annual Awards Ceremony” on Tuesday April 3rd.

Highlights of the night were Martta Kelly and Mick Close being named “Runners of the Year”. Larry Hollander was honored with the annual award named in his honor , “The Larry Hollander Award” for his years of dedication to the Grove Sunday Morning Group.

Tom Eaton was honored with the “First Annual Vince Carnevale Spirit Award” for establishing the Essex Running Club Youth Track Program.

A complete list of honorees is presented below.

Sally Sammon: Andy Kotulski
Larry Hollander: Larry Hollander
Vince Carnevale Spirit Service: Tom Eaton
Purple Heart: Tom Kelly
Rachel Ray: Val Kenny, Ginny Kientz, Sharon Morrisey
Cheerleaders: Laura Messina, Randy Miller
Couples in Competition: Pia and Ryan Lopresti
Marco Polo: Sharon Morrissey, Mike Wojcio
Journalism: Glen Freyer
Spirit of ERC: Sue Palermo, Fernando Padilla
Supporting Business: John Fabbro and Fleet Feet Staff, Lynne Mortimer, Craig Van Doren
Ashcan: George Studzinski
Race Volunteer: Paula Fields
Appreciation from Club, Years of Service: Mark Frankel

Lifetime Service: Lynne Mortimer, Martta Kelly
Most Improved: Laura Barry, Michael Gorman, John Harvey
Rookie: Wolfgang Lemmerz, Kim McGuire, Rosemary Williams
Doug Williams Most Consistent: George Swiatek
Track and Field: Randy Miller
Multisport: Sue Palermo, Bev Salerno, John Harvey
Youth Runner: Ashby Sundown, Brian Smith, Danny Smith, Mary Smith
Off-Road: Ellen Kim, Stephen Sundown

Distance awards:

5K- Male Paul Giuliano 17:33  83.4% Lager Run 5K
5K – Female Catherine Smith 17:39  86.1% President’s Cup 5K
8K/5M – Male Paul Giuliano 28:37  84.0% Ashenfelter Classic 8K
8K/5M – Female Catherine Smith 29:00  85.8% Ashenfelter Classic 8K
10K – Male Larry Czaplewski 37:41  81.4% Sneaker Factory 10K
10K – Female Catherine Smith 38:11  81.4% Sneaker Factory 10K
15K/10M – Male Gary Peters 1:08:18 72.7% Great Swamp Run 15K
15K/10M – Female Andi Robik 1:19:53 62.7% Ted Corbitt 15K
20K – Male Larry Czaplewski 1:17:49 81.4% Miles for Music 20K
Half Marathon – Male Harold Porcher
20K/Half Marathon – Female Amanda King 1:29:47 83.1% Miles for Music 20K
Marathon – Male Stephen Sundown / Glen Freyer 2:59:29 74.4% Chicago Marathon / 3:06:27 74.1% Bay State Marathon
Marathon – Female Amanda King 3:19:19 80.7% NJ Long Branch Marathon
Ultra – Male Chris Jaworski / Mike Skara 24:52:15 Vermont 100-Mile  / 9:09:07 JFK 50 Miler
Ultra – Female Kimberly McGuire 6:54:24  North Face Endurance Chall 50K

And the Runners of the Year are:

ERC Runner of the Year – Female: Martta Kelly
ERC Runner of the Year – Male: Mick Close


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