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Indian Trails 15K – Middletown, NJ

We had a small contingent at the Indian Trails 15K in Middletown NJ.

This is always a tough race with 3 or 4 KILLER hills.

The race has been a test of fitness for those running the upcoming Boston Marathon for many years.

I was content to run in the wake of Mark Washburne the President of the Do-Run Runners, who was getting ready for Boston.

He left me after the first hill but I caught back up to him after the last one (mile 8). However, he then sped up to post a impressive last mile split. I was glad to post a 7:44 average pace on such hilly course.

Gary Peters: I also ran this race which I consider to be one of the most scenic in NJ. Brutally hilly but beautiful. I always make it a habit to declare to the nearest competitor to me, just after climbing the last hill at about Mile 8 which over looks a view all the way to Staten Island and the waterway, “WOW! What a View!” And as usual, the response is dead silence or a groan of agony. Very nice. My time was 1:13:15, not great but better than I thought I would do considering my long run so far this year is 5 miles. Too bad we didn’t put a team together for this Championship Race.

Results By Split Second Racing
Place Name Bib Time
64 Charlie Slaughter 3461 1:06:07.3
68 Michael Sneden 3298 1:06:29.4
78 Martin Gonzalez 3115 1:08:23.3
91 Brian Foster 3371 1:09:38.2
114 Desmond Duncker 3095 1:11:52.5
133 Gerhard Peters 3248 1:13:15.1
305 Shannon Calamito 3046 1:35:31.3
345 Robbin Jordan 3157 1:44:45.6

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Check your MEMBERSHIP status: Click image below

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NYC Marathon Bus

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