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President’s Corner, by Paul Maloney, ERC President

     Last Monday when learning about the tragedies at Boston, my thoughts of course were with club members and other fellow runners who were participants or spectators.  Early on during Monday evening, all of us in the ERC were assured when hearing about the safety of those we knew from FB, Yahoo, and other means.  Melissa DeMarco (on FB) said it best, “I feel compelled to say that I am honored to be a member of this club as I witnessed the quick-thinking, leadership, care, concern and friendship take place today regarding our fellow runners. We are all truly fortunate to call ourselves members of such a club as this. Chris (Jaworski), you are a true leader and friend to all. Hope you got that drink. If I ever go MIA, I want you people in charge!”  Thank you Chris and everyone else who helped in any way.

     Most of all, our thoughts and prayers are with individuals and families in Boston and around the world who were affected by this tragedy.  God bless you all.

     Our spotlight this month will be on those writing about their experiences with the Boston Marathon.  Please see the additional articles about Boston on this website:

We’ll resume our regular spotlight next month.


Major Change in Summer Hosted Runs:    This June, we’re taking a chance with a new “spin” on a long established Essex Running Club tradition.  We’re piloting a change from our Thursday evening hosted runs by scheduling them on Wednesdays.  Due to our conflicts with the popular Fleet Feet 6:00 p.m. runs, various Thursday night races, and other reasons, we would like to try out hosted runs on Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m.

Our annual “Smoke Rise Challenge”, hosted by long time member George Studzinski is still scheduled on Thursday June 6th, 7:30 p.m.  At this “Battle at the Beach”, George hosts a friendly competition between our club and his group from Smoke Rise Lake in Kinnelon.  Club and Board Member Laura Barry will then begin our Wednesday hosted runs on Wednesday June 12th.  The run will take place at Felician College at 223 Montross Ave, Rutherford NJ 07070. Park in the Lot off of West Passaic “Lot A” Or on the street.  More details on each of these runs (along with possible carpools) will be shared by next month.

We are looking for hosts for Wednesday June 19th and Wednesday June 26th.  Hosts plan a 3-6 mile run with a light supper afterwards.  The runs welcome everyone from walkers to “speed demons”!!  We will find a distance and company for you.  New members— it’s a great way to find out what our club is about!

Please let us know what you think!  If we (the Board) find that many members want to go back to Thursdays or want to try another night of the week, let me know at  Let’s see how this Wednesday idea goes during the month of June.

Another Change/New Idea with our Summer Hosted Runs:  We would like to recognize those members who go to 100% or close to 100% of our hosted runs.  For attendance at our hosted runs, we are establishing a reward points system.  At the end of August, the member or members who are at all or most of our hosted runs will be awarded prizes (to be announced).  It a great way to socialize, meet other members, and exercise during the spring and summer.

Let us know how we are doing!:  Do you have any questions or suggestions on club activities for our Board?  Please contact me at for any ideas or comments.

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