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May Race Results

PFIZER 5K RUN WITH PRIDE – May 22nd 2013

Some results from tonight’s 5K race at the Giralda Farms campus in Madison. A hot night and a hilly course made for some tough conditions for the 600+ runners with only 6 runners under 20 mins. The usual goody bag from Pfizer included a plentiful supply of Advil and other products. Conditions should be much better this weekend for Spring Lake and Ridgewood.

Charlie Slaughhter (1st AG) … 20:49
Mick Close … 24:42
Susan Mello … 26:12
Joe Cozzi (1st AG) … 28:20
Jim Malone … 35:47
*Cleveland** Half-Marathon, May 19, 2013.*

On May 19th, I was one of 12 New Jerseyans to run the Rite-Aid Cleveland HM.
The Cleveland HM (Marathon/HM/10K/5K) was a fun race with lively crowds and nice
views of Lake Erie, Cleveland Browns Stadium, Progressive Field and the Rock and
Roll Hall of Fame. There was music along the course and a post-race party. My
favorite group was the “Trash Talkers”, students playing drums on garbage cans.
They were awesome and a nice change of pace from listening to the song
“Cleveland Rocks” (which my wife and I heard played at a festival, at an arena
football game, at an Indians baseball
game and at the start of the race).

Security was present at the expo and on race day. After the national
anthem, there was a moment of silence for Boston. While the course was
advertised as flat, I found that highways and the final bridge presented hills.
Also, the streets were spotty. Many porta-johns along course, but more were
needed at the start – the concourse at Cleveland Browns Stadium could not
accommodate 17,000 runners.

For me, the race was a mighty struggle, as I tired 3 miles in. The lake breeze
was nice, but the humidity was brutal. I could not think about my time as I
felt like a tiring race horse continually backing up. I took water almost every
stop; walking while I drank. I also ate my first ever GU as I was desperate for
energy. I guess the 3 hours sleep due to the rowdy arena league football
players and their loud girls they brought back from the night clubs in the hotel
hallway did me in. Still, I am happy that I finished in 1:54:44.

Jerry V


RUN FOR RACHEL – Sun May 19, 2013

Results from today’s  5K championship race in Livingston

Michael Gorman … 18:13
Stephen Sundown … 19:02
Charlie Slaughter … 20:09
Mick Close … 23:16
George Swiatek … 25:00
George McIntyre … 26:31
Tom Kelly … 26:58
Martta Kelly … 27:56
Joe Cozzi … 28:00
Ed Trieste … 29:21
Randi Cohen … 30:05
Robbin Jordan … 31:37
George Studzinski … 32:08

SuperHero Half Marathon –  Morristown, NJ  – Sunday May 19th
Diana Scheitinger    1:49:57.2 – 1st PL Age Group


Maywood 5K Run, Saturday May 18th
Bill Wilde   24:47  1st AG

Newport 10K, Jersey City – Sat May 11, 2013

As Mike Gorman write, “Splish, splash, we went for a dash…”

Apt description!  The thought that ran through my head this chilly, rainy morning as I stood shivering at the 8:30 a.m. start in my singlet and shorts was, “I got out of a nice warm bed for this?”

Once we started moving, however, it really was great weather for running, with the exception of the puddles everywhere.  It was really hard to avoid them in some spots and as a result, my socks got wet, which led to some minor instep irritation at mile 5.  Not my best time today.  I chalk it up to the humidity, even though I felt as though I was flying.  I even had enough in the tank at mile 5 to ramp it up.

Our sole medal winner was Dr. George Studzinski, taking first place AG.

Three people on our women’s team (me, Paige and Laura) also took home raffle prizes, which consisted of $25 gift certificates at area eateries.

Here are today’s times.  Sorry if I missed anyone:

Michael Gorman–38:25
Mark Frankel–42:21
Gerry Velli–49:36
Ed Gold    — 49:52.
Tom Kelly–52:55
Samantha Spitaletta–54:49
George Swiatek–56:41
Laura Barry–56:45
Martta Kelly–58:08
Dr. George Studzinski–1:06:41-1st AG
Paige Sato–1:03:45

Long Branch Half Marathon   – May 5th
69th Martin Gonzalez     1:30:46  – 2nd Place in the 45 to 49 Age Group!


Apple Chase 10K -May 5th
There was a slight course change this year: no track finish.  Instead, it was on the road, so instead of one little out and back they had a pair of in and out diversions.  I thought it was a very nice improvement.

The race was also moved from March to May.  I felt the 10am start should have been moved to 9, but I ran a good race anyway.  This is a nice flat course.

Interestingly enough, they had a $50 prize for the first man and woman to the first mile marker.  For those of us who knew we wouldn’t make it, it was a nice little joke about how the RD was incenting us to go out too hard.

Anyway, I only saw three ERC members in the 10K and none in the 5.  Hope I didn’t miss anybody.

Mark Frankel

41:51   Charlie Slaughter (1st AG)
43:43   Mark Frankel (2nd AG)
49:26   George Swiatek

Our House 5-Miler, Summit, NJ–May 5

Another perfect weather day for running: 60s, sunny, a little breeze. It felt liberating not to have to bundle up.

About 264 runners turned out for this race, but only 5 Essex people: Me and Tom, Robbin Jordan, Gary Peters and Gerry Velli. That being said, this would have been the perfect day to organize master’s teams as Our House was giving away a total of $2,200 to the top 3 master’s teams’ clubs. First place teams each took home $600. Not too shabby.

Nice spread after the race, too, with sandwiches, cookies and fruit.

I didn’t realize that it had been 6 years since we had done this race. It was so long ago that I was known as Martta Rose then! I had forgotten how challenging the course is. Yes, there’s a big hill at mile 4.5 but there are some daunting hills throughout, thankfully followed by downhills. It was a good workout for Newport next weekend.

Tom was our lone medal winner, taking home a 3rd place AG award.

Here are our times. Apologies if I missed anyone.

Gary Peters–37:22
Gerry Velli–39:29
Tom Kelly–42:56 (3rd place AG)
Martta Kelly–45:54
Robbin Jordan–51:56


Clinton Township Country Run 15k – April 26th.
Team results from today’s very competitive 15K masters championship race.

8 FLEET FEET/ESSEX A MEN 40  5:28:10.44 AVERAGE:1:05:38.09
5.David Craig               53:51.81 *
31.Michael Gorman          1:01:17.44 *
56.Charlie Slaughter       1:05:04.32 *
135.Gerhard Peters          1:12:19.90 *
167.Gerald Velli            1:15:36.97 *

9 FLEET FEET/ESSEX A MEN 50  6:06:23.72 AVERAGE:1:13:16.74
56.Charlie Slaughter       1:05:04.32 *
135.Gerhard Peters          1:12:19.90 *
162.Michael Close           1:14:51.51 *
167.Gerald Velli            1:15:36.97 *
208.George Swiatek          1:18:31.02 *

8 FLEET FEET/ESSEX A MEN 60  3:54:00.61 AVERAGE:1:18:00.20
162.Michael Close           1:14:51.51 *
208.George Swiatek          1:18:31.02 *
234.William Wilde           1:20:38.08 *
263.Tom Kelly               1:23:31.68
364.George Studzinski       1:41:01.10

301.Martta Kelly            1:29:46.15
366.Robbin Jordan           1:41:30.42


Asbury Park Half Marathon, April 20
Phil Coffin, 1:44:53 (3rd AG)
Laura Messina, 2:14:46

The course was altered this year in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, taking the 1,200 runners from Asbury Park to Long Branch and back, but both of us wound up with good races. This was Laura’s fastest half-marathon since 2009. And it was Phil’s first half-marathon since 2007.




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