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Delta Dental Mt. Washington Road Race, June 15, 2013–Helen Scarnegi

Yesterday I completed the Delta Dental Mt. Washington Road Race in New Hampshire. I am still in awe of the incredible experience I had,  and this is one I will remember always. I would have never imagined that when I started running 6 years ago that I would have these kind of adventures. I love the challenge and this race presented challenge, scenery, great new acquaintances and a new feeling of confidence.

I was inspired by Chris’ write up, and tried the best I could to mentally and physically prepare to get to the top of Mt Washington. Only one hill of 6288 feet . I finished in 2:04 and 28 seconds. It’s one of those races you go into with no expectations other than to finish unless you are an elite runner. I was so nervous and had visions of falling off the mountain, not catching my breath, my legs refusing to move and all other crazy ideas.

None of that happened but what I can say is I loved every minute of the climb. It was extremely windy for the last miles with winds up to 50 mph. The weather changed fast and at the finish they gave out blankets. The medal is so earned and the last place finisher was s 93 year old man. He did it in over 3 hours!  How cool is that?!

There is a lot of encouragement along the way and as you are doing this, it feels surreal as you see the clouds so close . This may be the closest I get to heaven. I did get to say Happy Fathers Day to my Dad who I believe was looking down at me and helping me realize I can finish. I saw Gregg at the almost finish and he was smiling and I yelled out I did it. After that it was a 22 percent incline to finish line. Humbling moments.

Could I have pushed more? Sure, but I am thrilled I had this opportunity and felt so exhilarated at the end. I had a bit of heart racing and a bloody nose, but it was all good though. It was also the greatest post race dinner which was basically Thanksgiving dinner and I forfeited it to Gregg. He waited on the cold mountain and drove that crazy road to the top . He said he was so happy to see me as he thought I might get easily distracted on the mountain and fall . I would recommend this race to anyone and I will embrace our little hills anytime. In fact, bring it on! There is a lottery and it opens in February . There are so many people who have done it 4 and 5 times. Why not?

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