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Trivia Questions, Paul Maloney’s Run on Wednesday Night

Reminder about Paul Maloney’s run on Wednesday July 10th, 70 Smull Avenue, Caldwell, 7:30 p.m. (Please park on Myrtle Avenue, across the street.)

Trivia Questions, (Running and Non-Running).

1.  Name the “mind reader” who was raised in the Caldwells and lives in North Caldwell today.

2.  Name the Former NY Yankee Montclair resident who has a son who once lived on Smull Avenue.

3.  Name the famous NJ Restaurant Owner who once ran a 4:07 mile at Harvard.

4.  Name the long time ERC member who once competed on “Jeopardy”.

5.  Name the celebrity who never spoke at an ERC Meeting:

George Sheehan, Katherine Switzer, Regis Philbin, Horace Ashenfelder, Randy Miller, Tom and Martta Kelly

6.  Name the high school, college, and post college sub 4 minute miler who graduated from Essex Catholic.

7.  Name an ERC member who has “All America” status.

8.  Name the two ERC members who are “original members” from 1983:

Tom Kelly, Larry Hollander, Desmond Duncker, Gary Peters, Craig Van Doran

9.  Which Anniversary is John Fabbro and Fleet Feet currently celebrating?

10.  Define the following:

“Grumpy Grover”, “Team Bacon”, “Getting Hebronized”, “Running a Hollander Mile”.

(Actually, one of these terms Paul does not know but hopes to find out at his run.)

11.  What does “The Sopranos” have to do with North Caldwell?

12.  What does “David Letterman” have to do with the Caldwells?

13.  Which Essex County Running Star and Essex County born President were recently voted into the N.J. Hall of Fame?

14. Who wrote a song based on “Pleasant Valley Way” in West Orange?

15.  Which parking lot and nearby school was once a WWII P.O.W. Camp and is used by ERC members at least once a week?

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Check your MEMBERSHIP status: Click image below

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