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Jersey Girl Triathlon – August 4th, 2013

Jersey Girl Triathlon – Paige Alexander Sato & Laura Barry – Aug 4th, 2013


Today I participated in the Jersey Girl Triathlon with Paula Fields and Laura Barry (who did the aqua-velo). Here’s my recap:

There were 1049 tri participants. We were divided into 2 year age group waves for the swim start. The first group left at 6:50am. I was in wave 10–and we started at just about 7:25am. There were about 100 women in each wave.

The swim was only 300 yards, and the sea was fairly calm and pretty warm (thank you July heat wave). At first it was hard to get my bearings–I kept my head above water and struggled a bit with my stroke. Finally, after turning left at the first buoy, I figured to heck with it, put my face in the water, and just swam. So much better–I finally felt as though I was making progress. I got kicked a few times, but nothing major. I guess swimming over that child in the pool during training toughened me up a bit. Total swim time: 6:46

After leaving the water, we ran up the beach, up the stairs to the boardwalk, and across the street into the transition area. There were volunteers washing off peoples’ feet with hoses at the entrance to the transition area (nice!). I got to my bike, and froze. I was so focused on the swim, I totally spaced out about what to do next. So I sat down to regroup, and another racer helped me out (dry off your feet, try to get as much sand off as possible, put on your shoes,…). T1 time: 7:35

The ride was 11 miles through Long Beach and Deal, NJ. It was relatively flat and fast. There were no mile markers, and without my phone app beeping away at those intervals, I had to use my really fancy analog orange Swatch to figure out about how long I had to go. I think I pedaled this entire leg–no coasting, no braking–except when I needed my water bottle. I learned that I suck at keeping my balance when reaching down for my water, so I ended that leg a bit thirsty. Total bike: 41:38

We dismounted the bikes maybe a 1/10 of a mile from the transition area, and boy, I could. not. feel. my. legs. AT. ALL. Back in transition, I chomped on some gummy bears (not sports gummy bears, real ones. the candy), drank some water, took off my helmet, parked my bike, and was off. T2: 1:56 (much better!)

The run was a 5k out and back along the boardwalk. Not much to explain here. Because my legs were so numb and I was still only wearing my Swatch, I had no idea how fast I was going. I did manage to pass a good number of runners, but also walked through two of the three water stops. During the last bit, as I was running down to the finish line, there was another runner about 100 yards ahead of me. I actually started sprinting and was able to pass her with about 10 yards to go. The crowd roared! Total run time: 26:45! That’s a PB for me for a 5k!

Total time: 1:24:37. I placed 351 out of 1049. woo-freakin’-hoo!



To follow up on Paige Alexander Sato’s post. I had a great time at Jersey Girl yesterday. Sadly I had to switch from the Tri to the Aqua Velo, I decided I was going to make the best of it even though my strongest leg was now eliminated. I choose this race because everyone who has done it spoke so highly of the Swim Angels. I decided I was going to have one at my side for the swim. A Swim Angel came over to our carol and asked who needed and escort. Myself and another women raised our hands. I stayed with them for maybe about 10 feet in the water. I was a stronger swimmer and the other women needed more help. I realized quickly there were life guards all over asking if we needed to hang on to a noodle or their paddle boards. I decided just to keep going. I managed to do the whole swim with out hanging on to anything (something I didn’t think would happen). My swim time was 9:44 (Probably would of been faster if I put my head in the water.)

Next on to the transition….how do I get all this sand off!! I noticed women stopping to use the shower when exciting the beach so I did the same. I quickly rinsed my feet and was off to get my shoes and bike. T1 4:50

I walked my bike out of transition and was off. I passed a lot of people on the bike I was shocked! I was only passed by a few people and had a great time. Total bike time was 42:10.

Overall Time 56:43.

Over all I had a great time. My one complaint was my finish. When I finished the bike course I had to get off my bike and run back into transition to a small sign that says Aqua Velo finish and tell them I was done. It wasn’t nearly exciting as actually crossing a finish line.

I can’t wait to do a full Tri!

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