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At the Races

Run the Reservoir Half Marathon, Sept. 1, 2013–by Mick Close

The club was well represented at the Run the Reservoir Half Marathon in Bergen county this morning with 4 age group winners. It was very warm and humid at the start followed by heavy rain, thunder and lightning for much of the race.1:24:48 Harold Porcher (6th overall, 1st in age)
1:29:59 Glen Freyer (1st in age)
1:31:19 Stephen Sundown
1:42:19 Aileen O’Rourke (1st in age)
1:42:34 Craig Van Doren (1st in age)
1:53:37 Mark Frankel
2:01:03 Gerald Velli
2:02:19 Mick Close

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