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ChiRunning: What Is It? What Can It Do For Me? RECAP



On Tuesday, October 8, at Fitzgerald’s in Glen Ridge, long-time ERC member and Certified ChiRunning instructor Glenn Trimboli, introduced more than 30 members and non-members to the technique.

ChiRunning combines the central movement principles of T’ai Chi with the sport of running to create a technique that shifts the workload towards the core muscles, he said and demonstrated. ChiRunning works by taking advantage of two forces: the force of gravity, and the force of the road coming at you.  There are four components to help one do so: posture, lean, ankle lift, and arm swing.

Glenn’s coaching sessions work on developing these four components.  For most it is a long and gradual process as one must rethink how to run.  Young children, he noted, naturally develop these habits, but as we age and become more hesitant we become less efficient.

Congratulations to those that took home ChiRunning raffle prizes and even a complimentary ChiRunning coaching session, courtesy of Glenn.


**Special thanks to Mark Frankel for providing this recap.


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