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President’s Corner: The “Fall” and “Countdown to the 30th”

President’s Corner:  The “Fall” and “Countdown to the the 30th

Prepared by Paul Maloney, ERC President

It’s been such an honor and pleasure to follow on our many ways of communication and at our November meeting the success stories related to Fall Racing.  Our “Fall Racing Meeting” in November is always inspiring.  Congratulations to everyone on your success!

Special thanks to Dan Murphy for coming to our meeting to discuss the upcoming Horace Ashenfelter 8K.  (Congratulations to Dan on his recent appointment to the Glen Ridge Town Council!)  More on the Ashenfelter will be discussed in this newsletter and our other communication services.

Additional thanks to Mark Frankel, Mick Close, Larry Hollander, and the staff at Fleet Feet for organizing the NYC Marathon Buses!

We’re looking for a new newsletter editor.  After many years of editing, Shannon Calamito will be soon stepping down. (Thanks Shannon—always a great job!)  With our format of having the newsletter on the website, it’s a lot easier than the “old days” so if anyone is interested and  has any experience with word processing, please contact me at or Desmond Duncker at

We can’t wait for the 30th Anniversary on December 1st!  For our final spotlight of the year, we hear from Craig Van Doren, one of our original members in 1983 (and a heck of a nice guy!).  Following Craig’s comments, the link below will take you to an article Phil Coffin prepared for our 20th Anniversary.  In 2003,  we prepared a special Anniversary newsletter and I remember how much Phil worked on preparing the article.  I was thrilled to recently find it on our website. Thanks again Phil.  Special thanks to Craig and our original members.  We’ll have a follow up to the Anniversary Dinner next month.

Craig Van Doren:

  1. What is your favorite Essex Running Club experience?

I have two favorites, doing long runs on Sunday’s from members’ homes or Fleet Feet with members and road trips to races. These are the opportunities where you get to know other members.

2.  What is your favorite running experience?

1985 Paris Marathon is my most memorable experience. It was pouring rain at the start and water was squishing around in my running shoes. Probably 90% of the course was run on cobblestone streets and obviously all distances were in kilometers. My command of French was nearly nonexistent so communicating with most runners was non verbal. Evian was the sponsor and at most water stops the volunteers handed out containers of Evain water with the foil lids still tightly fastened. All of the supporters from England thought I was from Essex, England with my Essex Running Club singlet on. “Go Essex” they all cheered while waving their England or UK flag.

3. What training methods have worked for you? What advice would you give to a new runner?

In the mid 80’s I was a follower of Jeff Galloway’s Over Distance Training. John DeHart and I were running over 65 miles per week with long runs of 28-30 miles. I was young and able to handle it for a season or two. I did run my best times at all distances during this period. Jeff Galloway in now a run/walk advocate and there are few if any coaches that recommend mega mileage for non elite runners. My advice to a new runner is to read “Endurance Training and Racing” by Dr. Phil Maffetone, check out Hal Higdon’s training programs or consult with Paul Giuliano at Fleet Feet Montclair who can customize a training plan for you. Also, learn about training and racing hydration & nutrition and follow it. I particularly like what PowerBar suggests. Fleet Feet frequently has PowerBar staff speaking and sponsoring events. Check them out.

4.  What are your current running goals?

Qualify for Boston 2015 at the Shamrock Marathon March 16th.

Be sure to read “In the Beginning”, by Phil Coffin, 2003.  Follow this link.

See you on the roads and at the Anniversary on December 1st.

“Consider yourself at home…one of the family…one of us”.

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