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November Race Results

Christopher Jaworski Trail race results (so far this year):
Feb 23 Febapple 50K 6:53:42
Apr 13 Bull Run Run 50 Mile 11:26:50
Apr 21 Leatherman’s Loop 10K 1:02:47
May 11 Long Island Greenbelt Trail 50K 7:28:16
Sep 29 Sarah Bishop Bushwhack 10K 1:04:02
Oct 20 Hot Chili Challenge 8 Mile 1:15:30
Oct 27 Run the Farm 5 Mile 50:28

Plus Sharon Morrissey:
Oct 27 Run the Farm 5 Mile 53:48 (2nd AG)


NYC Marathon November 3rd 2013 by Mick Close

Congratulations to all the ERC finishers in the marathon today. Many of them are listed below. It was great to see so many club members running and cheering! I was very happy to finish my 15th New York today, slowest one yet but good to finally get it in the books, hadn’t been able to run it since 2008, now I’m in for life! Many thanks to Larry Hollander and Mark Frankel for organizing the buses.

GRAHAM JAMES … 3:16:33
ED GOLD … 3:43:46
LAURA GELMAN … 03:48:26
JANE WHIPPLE … 03:59:14
DAVE GURNIAK … 03:59:55
EDWARD KELLY … 04:00:12
MICHAEL MAGEE … 04:01:10
ROBERT NOSSA … 04:08:12
JAY KOHLI … 4:10:49
MICHAEL CLOSE … 04:15:39
SUE FASCIANO … 4:21:07
JOHN FABBRO … 4:21:07
BARBARA ZIRL … 4:36:51
ELSA SLATER … 04:45:40
ORIANA TEJADA … 04:46:25
Courtney Santiago … 4:48:12 1st Marathon!
JUDY HELLER … 5:16:52
MIKE WOJCIO … 5:30:01
SEAN BRINKS … 5:30:45
BEV SALERNO … 5:55:35
Beavertown 5K Fall Classic Run/Walk, Lincoln Park, Nov 3 2013 by Ed Trieste

I’ve run this race the last three years. It’s a nice race in a nice town. The course begins and ends in Lincoln Park’s business district and zigzags though a residential area. The hill at the beginning is a bridge over a railroad, the rest of the course is very flat, almost as much as the Run for Marge course in neighboring Pequannock. The final half mile is on one of the main roads in the area.

I will always associate this race with Hurricane Sandy. It was scheduled last year for just five days after the hurricane…and was successfully held as scheduled despite everything.

Since this course is flat and I’ve been running well lately, I was particularly optimistic about this one. I was wondering how the weather would be – it’s sometimes been cold – but it was quite mild. The other thing that sometimes throws me off is that they don’t have mile markers. They’re shown on the course map and the two water stops are approximately at those spots, but I always like a clock or someone calling out splits or at least seeing a marker.

Anyway, things went well. I almost had a mishap early on, as at the first turn onto the bridge a couple of people collided and someone bumped into me as I tried to dodge (and in turn bumped someone else)…but I didn’t fall. The rest was uneventful. Since I knew about the missing mile posts, it didn’t bother me. On the last half mile we ran on the side and shoulder of Beaverbrook Road, which made for a little crowding.

I needed a late kick to do it, but I (just) got myself a PR, my first in a 5K since Labor Day 2009.

They had massages here one year. I miss them!

About 230 people ran and at least half of them are from Lincoln Park. I didn’t see anyone else from Essex.

Ed Trieste 26:59 (PR)


Giralda Farms 10K November 10th 2013 by Jerry Utr
We had a few members run the Giralda Farms 10k yesterday which turned out to be a great day for running which had some strong winds which produced a nice tail wind climbing up Dodge drive. It was nice to see Randy working the event and conversing with Anne after the race. It was a satisfying run for me yesterday as I attained a new PR.

19. Dan Smith 38:15.41 6:09 3rd AG (PR) – Nice going Dan, you are one of the “big boys” after that performance….
55. Charlie Slaughter 42:08.44 6:46 3rd AG
84. John Kriens 44:03.02 7:05
125. Gerald Velli 46:40.64 7:30 (PR)
454. Edward Trieste 59:06.85 9:30

Giralda Farms 5K November 10th 2013
Diana Scheitinger 23:38.16 – 2nd AG (F50-54)


6th Annual 5K Stampede Through Clifton Sunday, Nov 13 2013 by John T Maxwell
I’ve been with this race since its inception. Despite the heel problem I have with my left heel, and overeating last night (still feeling the effects of that), I ran in a respectable time of 24:13, 69th overall and 3rd in my age. The runner who came in 2nd I beat at the 4 Miler at Garrett Mountain couple of months ago. The 1st place beat me by 3 minutes. I did pretty good despite not runninig all week! ps, I’ve been cross training at the gym. Imagine if I WAS runniing last week? 24 minute 5K is now within reach.


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