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President’s Corner: Happy New Year

by Paul Maloney

Hello All!  Happy New Year!

The Essex Running Club is “alive and well” at the close of 2013.  The newsletter and website do such a great job giving details of our accomplishments.  Here are just a few highlights and comments on what you’ve been reading about all year.

— We finish the year with over 250 members.  Our membership continues to be $25.00/year.  (This membership fee has been the same for at least 20 of our 30 years.)  Our Board of Directors works very hard in organizing events for all members of all abilities and making the most of your membership dues.  (Special thanks to the efforts of Club Treasurer Carl Strucke.)  (Suggestions are always welcome.  Please write to me at

— The club along with individual member contributions donated $2,620.00 to “One Fund Boston” for those affected by the tragedy at this year’s Boston Marathon.  Fleet Feet and the Essex Running Club had a remembrance run shortly afterwards.  (See the May issue of the newsletter for some reflections.)

— We are very grateful to John Fabbro and Fleet Feet for the donation of shirts for Fleet Feet/Essex USATF Team.  Ed Kelly, Paul Kartanowicz, and other Board members have been very dedicated to setting up USATF teams for various races.  More details on the USATF in 2013 and upcoming for 2014 will be available in the next newsletter.

— Popular races (some brand new, some have been going on for decades) spoken about and written about the most include the North Jersey Half Marathon, Miles for Music 20K, the Sneaker Factory 10K, the Cherry Blossom 10K, the Indian Trails 15K, the Ridgewood 5K, the Brooklyn Half Marathon, the Newport 10K, the Flying Pig Marathon, the Leatherman’s Loop 10K Trail Race, Fitzgerald’s 1928 Lager Run, the President’s Night 5K, the College Avenue Mile, the Montclair 10K, the Sunset Classic 5 Mile, the Newport Liberty Waterfront Half Marathon, the Run the Reservoir Half Marathon, and the Giralda Farms 10K.  (I’m sure to have missed other favorities.  Other popular races will be mentioned below.)

— Fall racing highlights include several members volunteering and running at the club supported the Verona  Labor Day Classic 5K, the Doug Williams Memorial 5000 Meter Run, and the Horace Ashenfelter Thanksgiving 8K.  (Thanks to organizers Mick and Catherine Close, Tom and Martta Kelly, and Dan Murphy.) Over 40 members ran the New York City Marathon after it was interrupted last year due to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  The club once again organized two NYC marathon buses for runners and spectators.  Bus organizers included Mark Frankel, Larry Hollander, Mick Close, and the staff at Fleet Feet.  Several members ran marathons, other significant races, and participated in triathlons.

— Our website/newsletter format continues to be successful due to the efforts of Desmond Duncker, Shannon Calamito, and Paige Sato.  Additional thanks to Mick Close for providing the “Race Calendar”.

— Our club meetings continue to be informative and fun.  Our speakers included Dave Siconolfi, Madeline Bost, Glenn Trimboli and Chi Running, a great talk about the “breakdown” of a running shoe, and a fashion show from Fleet Feet.  Thanks to Tracy Keller, John Harvey, and Anne Chesny for setting up our meetings.

— Our new clothing line has been a big hit!  Laura Barry has been very dedicated to providing the best quality of goods at the best price.  Contact Laura or check the website for more information.

— Samantha Spitaletta designed a new club brochure and application form which is available at area races.  Two club banners are now available for display at races and other club events.  A club information display board is also available.

— At least a dozen members contributed profiles of themselves which appeared in the “President’s Corner” column of the newsletter.

— Four weekend club runs are available to members:  the Sunday Morning Grove Street Runs, the Sunday Morning Fleet Feet Runs, the Saturday morning trail runs, and the Saturday morning Yanicaw Park runs.  In addition, hosted runs continue to be a tradition during the summer and winter.  (Thank you hosts!)  Larry Hollander was honored at one of the Grove runs (Grove Pharmacy now has a new owner) and at the Annual Awards Dinner with the “Ultimate Larry Hollander Award”.

— In April:  Over 70 members attended the Annual Awards Dinner.  Runners of the Year were long time members Martta Kelly and Mick Close.

— Over a dozen members participated in the West Essex “Rod Munro” Trail Clean Up.

— John and Faye Harvey hosted the Annual Wine and Cheese Party in their new home.  Over 50 club members were in attendance.  Other “Socials” included the Annual Bowling Night, Happy Hours, and the Verona Park Labor Day Picnic (after the race).

— Last summer, several club members participated in the Annual Interclub Challenge (organized by Desmond Duncker) and four Essex teams participated in the River to Sea Relay.

— The club (led by Mick Close) worked with John Fabbro and Fleet Feet, Montclair in organizing runs such as the Ten Hill Challenge Run, the Eagle Rock 9/11 Memorial Run, and the Trail Mix Run.

— For a second year, Tom Eaton and his family organized the very successful “Youth Track Series” in Glen Ridge.  Over 50 members and Fleet Feet Sports volunteered at the three meets.  Over 100 young athletes participated.  Tom was honored at the Awards Night with the “First Annual Vince Carnevale Spirit Award” for his efforts.

— To end the year, over 80 people attended the Essex Running Club 30th Anniversary Dinner at Mayfair Farms, West Orange.  The planning committee was Lynne Mortimer (chairperson), Anne Chesney, Tracy Keller, Carl Sturcke, Desmond Duncker, Larry and Lynda Hollander, Tom and Martta Kelly, Joe Sczyrek, Laura Barry, and Paige Sato.  Gary Peters, Craig Van Doren, Phil Coffin, Chip Bearden, Tracy Keller, and Laura Barry were among the speakers who gave presentations on the three decades of friendship and running.   Anne Chesny organized the raffle.   Desmond Duncker provided an excellent slide show.  Later in the month, Desmond also accepted on behalf of the club two proclamations, one from the county (Essex) and the other from the Township of Montclair for the Essex Running Club’s 30th Anniversary.  (Thanks to Bob Russo, Deputy Mayor of Montclair and Brendan Gill, Essex County Freeholder, who are also club members, for making this happen!)

— I would like to personally thank all of the Board Members for their support and helpful suggestions.  Most of all, I want to thank this wonderful club.  See you in ’14.

Consider yourself at home… of the family… of us!!!


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NYC Marathon Bus

NYC Marathon Bus

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