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President’s Corner: Spotlight on George Studzinski, USATF Honorees, and Your Nominations!

by Paul Maloney, ERC President

Happy Winter!  Stay safe running in the cold weather!

As reported by Randy Miller on FB, Essex member Dr. George Studzinski had his photo in National Masters News this month as the National Cross Country Champion (in his age category).   Our former club president is a long time member who along with his wife Christa arranges our “Battle at the Beach” in the spring and Biathlon in the summer with the Smoke Rise Striders in Kinnelon.   The club congratulates our “Ashcanner” and is always grateful to both George and Christa for their contributions to the club.

The club also congratulates George, Martta Kelly, Tom Kelly, Charlie Slaughter, Mark Frankel, and Michael Gorman for being honored at the USATF New Jersey Awards Banquet.  For more details on the ERC and Fleet Feet’s participation in the USATF, please contact Ed Kelly, Michael Gorman, or one of the Board Members.  In addition, Laura Barry and Tracy Keller have been doing a great job with the upcoming “Ladies Night” designed to stimulate interest in our Women USATF teams.  Details on the awards and the “Ladies Night” will be discussed elsewhere in the newsletter.

Earlier in the year, Tracy Keller suggested that we have club members have some input in nominating members for our own awards ceremony in April.  Normally, we have two groups of awards.  The first is for fastest times for various events.  The second group is more of a “subjective” nature.  We’re asking for suggestions on our “subjective” awards.  Please submit any nominations to Paul Maloney at by February 10th.    Last year’s honorees plus a description of each award are listed below.


2012 (Awarded in 2013)

2013 (Awarded in 2014)

Larry Hollander Award (Service)  This is an award for service given for at least 10 years.  Last year, Larry himself was presented to the “Ultimate Larry Hollander Award”.  Larry has been a member of the club since its first year and started the Sunday morning Grove Street runs at this time.  Larry is still involved with organizing the NYC Marathon buses each year.

Larry Hollander

Vince Carnevale Spirit Award (Service)  Last year, we awarded this spirit award in memory of long time member Vince Carnevale.  Vince was a life long talented racer and marathoner who had a career going back to Central High School in Newark and Georgetown in the 30’s and 40’s.   In his later years, Vince participated in over 500 races after turning 70 years old.  The award to Tom was directly given for the Youth Track Program because of Vince’s dedication to writing jokes for kids in our newsletter.  Vince loved kids involved in the sport and would have adored such a great youth program for our club.

Tom Eaton

Sally Sammon Award. This award is in memory of member Sally Sammon who passed away years ago.  It’s given to a member who is running and exercising despite hardship.

Andy Kotulski

Purple Heart  Award.  Running in spite of injuries.

Tom Kelly

Rachel Ray Award . Hospitality at Group Runs.  No, Sharon didn’t build a parking lot next to our house for us but she along with Val, Ginny, and others put out a nice spread.  We used to call this the Julia Child Award but no one in the club is old enough to know who Julia Child is.

Val Kenny, Ginny Kientz, Sharon Morrissey

Cheerleaders.  How neat is it that we have members who cheer us on when we run races?  However, Randy is not allowed to ring his cowbell in at least a half a dozen towns.

Laura Messina, Randy Miller

Couples in Competition.  The couple that runs together…well, look damn cute together.  We have many members who met each other and/or run together here in our club.  Pia and Ryen dress well too.

Pia and Ryen Lopresti

Marco Polo Award (Extensive Travel for Racing)  In other words, who has built up the most traveling  miles and points and ran an event in when visiting?

Sharon Morrissey, Mike Wojcio

Journalism.  Unique perspectives on writing on running and service to our newsletter.  Humor in running is most welcome.

Glen Freyer

Spirit of ERC.  Participation, community, sportsmanship, and a positive attitude as an example for all.

Sue Palermo, Fernando Padilla

Supporting Business.  Businesses which go above and beyond supporting the ERC.

John Fabbro and Fleet Feet Staff, Lynne Mortimer, Craig Van Doren

Ashcan.  Members who reach a significant age group.  Vince Carnevale won it for many years.

George Studzinski

Appreciation from Club, Years of Service

Mark Frankel

Lifetime Service.  Member who for consistent years gives above and beyond service to the ERC.

 Lynne Mortimer, Martta Kelly

Most Improved. Most improved in time results and consistency.

Laura Barry, Michael Gorman, John Harvey

Rookie.  New runners and members who show promise.

Wolfgang Lemmerz, Kim McGuire, Rosemary Williams

Doug Williams Most Consistent Award.  In memory of Doug Williams, the award is for consistent training and performance.

George Swiatek

Track and Field. Shows distinction.

Randy Miller

Multisport. Shows distinction.

Sue Palermo, Bev Salerno, John Harvey

Youth Runner. Shows distinction.

Ashby Sundown, Brian Smith, Danny Smith, Mary Smith

Off Road. Shows distinction. Ellen Kim, Stephen Sundown

Next month, we go back to our other member spotlights.  Stay warm and be sure to send me any nominations!

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