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Manhattan Half Marathon – January 26th, 2014

Many people braved the frigid weather to run this race in Central Park today and several people ran PR’s. Temperatures were around 16 degrees at the start with a slight wind chill but most people warmed up quickly once the race started. NYRR had done an excellent job in clearing the roads and there was no trace of any snow or ice on the course. I especially enjoyed the gatorade slushies at the water stops.

1:19:55 Paul Kartanowicz (12th overall, 1st AG, PR)
1:29:54 Glen Freyer
1:35:04 Paul Pierotti (PR)
1:35:47 Martin Gonzalez
1:35:55 Larry Miller
1:44:20 Frank Pane
1:47:23 Rob Allen
1:47:57 Andi Robik (PR)
1:49:32 Jon Alaya
1:52:31 Mona Jha
1:52:38 Anna Miller
1:52:38 Randy Miller
1:57:14 Matthew Rothman
1:57:22 Samantha Spitaletta
1:59:44 Don Manfria
1:59:57 Jane Whipple
2:00:02 Roselynn Bedoya
2:02:32 Rosemary Williams
2:02:33 Sarah Ford (PR)
2:03:37 Joe Quattrocchi
2:03:44 Gina Imperato (PR)
2:04:01 Nancy Katz
2:06:19 Mick Close
2:11:06 John Harvey
2:14:01 Tracy Keller
2:45:29 Robbin Jordan

Mick Close

Fred Lebow Half

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