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President’s Corner: Spotlight on “No More Snow” and “Fleet Feet Programs”

by Paul Maloney, ERC President

Congratulations to all members who kept up their running despite the ongoing snow and ice on the ground.  Sooner or later, all of this will end!!  Keep the faith people.

Special thanks to the hosts of our winter runs.  Hosts included Laura Barry, Sharon Morrisey, Paul Maloney, Paige Sato, Tracy Keller, Gina Imperato, and Martta and Tom Kelly.  Additional thanks to John Harvey and Don Manfria for keeping the Saturday morning Verona Trail and Yanticaw Park runs active.  We also thank Mick Close for organizing the car pool for the Manhattan Half.  Despite all the snow, we still had a pretty active winter—the sign of a busy and happy club!

Regretfully, Fleet Feet had to cancel the Prediction Run this year due to the snow and ice.  However, we’re grateful for their efforts.  Our spotlight this month is on John Fabbro and the Fleet Feet crew for their constant support of our many club activities.  Long time ERC member Laura Messina prepared the following overview of the many activities Fleet Feet provides for the local running community.  Be sure to check out what Fleet Feet has to offer.  Thanks John, Paul, Gail, Laura, and many more.

Toward a Better You:   Fleet Feet Training Programs, prepared by Laura Messina

          New Year’s resolutions can be tough to keep, despite a strong and determined resolve.  This year, Fleet Feet’s new program, The Wellness Challenge ,  gave some jet-fuel strength to those resolutions.  The Wellness Challenge included  numerous health, nutrition and wellness-related lectures, opportunities to exercise in a safe, non-threatening environment, frequent encouragement via Facebook, informational handouts, optional weigh-ins,  healthy cooking classes by a local chef.  Partnerships with other local agencies also enhanced the many opportunities to be active, gain knowledge, share experiences.

Fleet Feet hoped to enroll 40 – 50 participants when the program opened in early January for sign-ups.  There are 85 Challengers!

Throughout the year, Fleet Feet also offers specific training classes for runners, from beginning walkers to experienced marathoners.  These programs have not only guided runners in the sport, but have enhanced self-esteem, general health and fostered many strong friendships.  Some of the greatest rewards are intangible but invaluable ones!

In conjunction with New Balance and the Montclair Adult School , the No Boundaries 5k class will begin in April, with the goal race as the Fitzgerald’s Lager Run in June.  Over the years, many of the 5K participants have embraced running, kept improving  and have gone on to run marathons!  Sometimes in multiples!

Once Fall arrives, the No Boundaries-New Balance  8K class adds distance and training methods ( hills, speedwork, form,etc) .  This group may have some more “homework”, but they take delight in mastering the additional miles , ( most of them anyway!) then proudly running the Thanksgiving Ashenfelter 8K.

Fleet Feet has also sponsored 10K training programs as another step toward the Biggies: the Half and the Full Marathon.

At present, Fleet Feet also offers two Half Marathon Training classes:  one begins in February with the NJ Half Marathon as the goal  race.  The Fall session will most likely focus on the Trenton Half.   These runners are ready for the challenge of increased endurance, race strategy, strength-building.

Fleet Feet coaches have been known to be teary-eyed and cheering proudly as their class participants cross finish lines and achieve goals once thought impossible.

During Fall marathon season, Fleet Feet also offers supported long runs, with loops of 5-20 miles. The company of fellow runners, water/nutrition stations, and mutual support:  Priceless!

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NYC Marathon Bus

NYC Marathon Bus

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