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Apple Chase 5K/10K, Pompton Plains, March 30, by Martta Kelly

I always wanted to try this race because I heard lots of good things about it.  The course is advertised as flat and fast and it is.  There were some logistical issues at the start, though.  For example, participants of both races were asked to line up together, with the 5Kers in front and the 10Kers in the back.  Unfortunately, many of those doing the 10K didn’t hear the start go off and they were delayed.  Also, the race was supposed to start at 10 SHARP but didn’t go off until several minutes later. Meanwhile, we stood there shaking in our sneaks!  Another craptastic “spring” day, with cold, damp, and dreary conditions–and WIND, lots of it, in our faces. The rain did hold off, fortunately.

There were 305 people in the 5K and 200 in the 10K.  The 10K had 5-year age increments while the 5K had 10-year increments.  I found this strange.

At any rate, I felt and did much better at this 5K than my last one on March 15. I’d like to think it’s partly because I read an article in Runner’s World about the importance of speed during your training runs even if you aren’t that concerned about your time.  Doing interval training runs, with short burst of speed, is just good for your body in general as it helps it get used to running faster for longer distances.  It has been a real effort for me to train during this winter.  Those of you who know me well know that I abhor winter and all that it has to offer.  I really have to motivate myself to get out the door or have someone motivate me (thanks, Melissa!)
Here are the results I could find.  If I’ve missed you, just send me an email and let me know, thanks. Oh, and a shoutout to Randy Miller for cheering!
Tom Kelly–26:59 1st AG
Martta Kelly–28:03
Gerry Velli–47:00
Ed Trieste–1:02

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