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Pia Lopresti and Charlie Slaughter Named Runners of the Year

Over 60 people were in attendance at our Annual Awards Night on April 8th.  Club Newcomer Pia Lopresti and Club Veteran Charlie Slaughter were honored as “Runners of the Year”.  (The awards were presented by last year’s Runners of the Year recipients, Martta Kelly and Mick Close.)  Long time Board Member and Club Treasurer Carl Sturcke was presented with the annual “Larry Hollander Service Award” and “Jack of All Trades” Board Member Desmond Duncker was presented with the “Lifetime Service Award”.  Other award winners are listed below.

Vince Carnevale Spirit Award:  Lynne Mortimer

Sally Sammon Award:  Laura Messina

Purple Heart:  Sue Fasciano, Paul Kartanowicz

Rachel Ray Award:  John and Faye Harvey

Cheerleaders:  Anne Chesney, Laura Messina, and Randy Miller

Couples in Competition:  Tom and Martta Kelly

Marco Polo Award:  Stephen Sundown and Randy Miller

Journalism:  Samantha Spitaletta

Spirit of ERC:  Laura Barry and Tom Eaton and Family

Supporting Business:  Fitzgeralds Restaurant, John Fabbro and the Fleet Feet Staff, Geno Mayes and Iron Physical Therapy

Ashcan Award:  George Studzinski

Appreciation from Club, Years of Service:  Shannon Calamito, Paul Kartanowicz

Good Friend to the ERC:  Gail Ey

Most Improved:  Ed Trieste, Jerry Velli, Andi Robik

Rookies of the Year:  Jackson Bangs, Samantha Spitaletta

Doug Williams Most Consistent Award:  Michael Gorman, Robbin Jordan

Youth Award:  Ashby Sundown

Multisport Award:  Andi Robik

Off Road Award:  Chris Jaworski

Ultra Distance:  Mike Skara, Robbin Jordan

5K:  Aileen O’Rourke, Dan Smith

8K/5 Mile:  Elizabeth Candela, Dan Smith

10K:  Amanda King, Paul Giuliano

15K/10 M:  Laura Messina, Mike Sneden

20K/Half:  Catherine Smith, Paul Giuliano

18 M:  Martta Kelly, Glen Freyer

Marathon:  Aileen O’Rourke, Dan Smith

The evening was planned by Tracy Keller, Mark Frankel, Carl Sturcke, Tom and Martta Kelly, and the rest of the Board Members.  Presenters included John Harvey, Desmond Duncker, Mark Frankel, and Paul Maloney.

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