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Boston Marathon, April 21, 2014–Mick Close

Here are the results for the ERC finishers. The heat and hills slowed many people in the second half of the race but it was an incredible day and very emotional running down Boylston St.

The crowds were amazing, very loud and holding so many signs “Boston Strong”, “Run as One”, “It’s Our City”, etc. I liked this version of the famous British saying from the second world war – “Keep Calm and Marath-On!” It was especially exciting in the second half of the race as we started to see people holding up signs “Meb Won!”.

I just watched the TV coverage and thought this was a great comment at the start of the race “The dreams of these athletes are about to clash with reality!”.

Special thanks to Amanda King for hosting a pasta party at her new house in the Newton hills and to Randy Miller for driving up with Nina to cheer everyone on. Also, good luck to everyone running the NJ Marathon on Sunday! Go Essex!

2:53:32 Paul Kartanowicz (PR)
3:13:29 Paul Giuliano
3:36:47 Dan Smith
3:43:42 Loren McCreesh
4:06:32 Desmond Duncker
4:06:40 Mick Close
4:15:47 William Stewart
4:17:31 Rosemary Williams
4:19:06 Rebecca Harris
4:25:38 Aubrey Blanda
4:39:46 Matthew Rothman

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NYC Marathon Bus

NYC Marathon Bus

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