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Gettysburg North-South Marathon, April 27, 2014–Aubrey Blanda

While some Essex warriors were running the New Jersey Marathon yesterday, I headed south to run the Gettysburg North-South Marathon. Small, with 467 finishers, but extremely well organized. This was six days after Boston as a bid to join Marathon Maniacs, and both races were slow for me, but I finished Gettysburg in 4:31:02, only 5 minutes slower than Boston. I’m pretty happy with that, since the hills of Gettysburg make Boston look like a pancake. Anyway, I can’t say enough positive things about Gettysburg: organized start, great volunteers, well-stocked aid stations, great post-race amenities, and shuttles between local hotels at the start and finish. And then there’s the whole Gettysburg history, battlefields to visit, and interesting things to do. In spite of the hills (or maybe to spite the hills) I plan to go back next year.

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