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At the Races

Brooklyn Half Marathon, May 17, 2014–Mick Close

Some of the club members among the 25,000+ finishers in the Brooklyn half marathon on May 17 from Prospect Park to Coney Island.

1:30:14 Frank Pane
1:35:46 Roosevelt Lucas
1:39:14 Rob Gerin
1:41:33 Aileen O’Rourke
1:43:02 Adam Perry (PR)
1:48:39 Melissa Tihinen
1:53:33 Matthew Rothman (PR)
1:54:12 Roselynn Bedoya
1:54:12 Jon Alaya
1:55:20 Michael Magee
1:55:34 Tracy Keller
1:57:09 Courtney Santiago (PR)
1:57:26 Neela Woodward (PR)
1:59:29 Oriana Tejeda
1:59:37 Gina Imperato
2:01:49 Andi Robik
2:06:58 Rich Klager
2:33:05 Susanna Ludena (PR)
2:33:34 Robbin Jordan
2:54:01 Raymond Murphy

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