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President’s Corner: Spotlight on Spring/Summer Activities and Martta & Tom Kelly

— It’s been an absolute pleasure reading about the race results of so many members!  Keep those accounts coming in!

–Be on the look out for “ERC Speedwork Training” with Paul Giuliano.  We’ll have details on the ERC member workouts soon.

— Be on the look out for our weekly summer runs beginning next month.  Look for details in another article.

— At our recent Awards Dinner, Martta and Tom Kelly won this year’s “Couples in Competition” Award.  Both Club Veterans, Martta and Tom are very competitive, especially with the USATF team.   (They both have often placed in their age groups.)  Martta and Tom are also very active in the “behind the scenes” aspects of the club.  A former Board Member, Martta handles a lot of the PR for the club.  Tom is a long time member of our Board currently serving as Club Secretary.

Martta and Tom answer our usual questions.

1.  What is your favorite ERC activity/race?

MK:  My favorite ERC activity is the Wine & Cheese Party.  I like its casual atmosphere and it’s a great way to catch up with old friends and to make new ones.  Plus, I love to bake and try everyone’s culinary creations!

My favorite race…this is a tough one because I have more than one.  My two favorite races are Sunset Classic 5 Miler  in the summer and the Ashenfelter 8K in the fall.  I love both courses but I also love the club and spectator turnout for these races, which is usually pretty high.

TK:  A favorite ERC activity is running with my wife, Martta, who I met through the club, at USATF-sponsored races. Of all the many races I’ve done, I’d have to say my favorite was, and still is, the Cherry Blossom 10K in Branch Brook Park.  It was my very first race and I’ve done it 31 of the last 32 years, missing only once to run the NJ Shore Marathon so I could qualify for Boston.

2.  What training advice would you give to fellow members?

MK:  Don’t try and do too much too soon!  It is so tempting to do so, as your fitness level and times improve.  But it rarely ends well and usually in an injury, which can set you back. Try and work with a running coach in the beginning who will pace you based on your fitness level and goals. And listen to your body.  If something hurts, have it checked out. If you are tired, take a day or two off.  The roads will still be there.  I also recommend cross-training/core conditioning. This will counteract all of the negative effects of running on your body, due to the constant pounding.  If your core is strong, you will have less issues with your lower back and quads, and you will be able to run longer without getting fatigued.

TK:   This is a tough one for me to answer, being as I am a senior runner and so many of the club members are much younger.  I would say that always make your running fun, whether it’s in training or competing in a race.  I never personally did high mileage, 20-30 miles in a week would have been plenty. Even when I did marathons, I never did more than 18 miles for any given training run. I found I always did better in a marathon when I incorporated the Galloway method, taking walk breaks at specific intervals.

3. What are your personal running goals for the coming year?

MK:  I have been blessed with being able to run and race for the past 12 years without serious injury and I would like to continue that trend.  I would also like to do more sprint triathlons.  Last year, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and that set me back a bit but fortunately, it was caught early and I was able to be treated with antibiotics. I am not as interested in doing longer distances at this stage of the game and feel that I can get the health and psychological benefits from running by doing half-marathons or less.  I still plan to do the LBI 18-miler every October, however.

TK:  My goal for the coming year, which is actually a goal that I’ve every year for the 30+ years I’ve been running, is to stay free of injuries.  Since I’ve had some serious health issues in the past three years, I would like to be able to do one more marathon to reach my 30th marathon. If I am not able to accomplish it this year, then hopefully, next year.

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