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At the Races

Ridgewood Run, May 26, 2014–Mark Frankel

This year’s Ridgewood Run was hot and steamy as usual, although slightly less hot and steamy than normal.  It was my first race since my disasterous marathon.  I haven’t done anything fast since then, so it was interesting to see what I could do.

I had two objectives going into this race: 1 – Not to set a PR, and 2 – not to set a PW.  I was fairly confident I could pull off #1 without a problem.  #2, weel, that wouldn’t be so easy.

I started out a bit further back than I normally do, still grousing over the fact that they locked the restrooms at both Graydon pool and Park, forcing me to use the porta-potties.  But once I got started I quickly forgot.  It all came back to me: the oxygen-deprived, heart-racing, air-gasping feeling that we runners crave.

I was pleased with myself: I not only managed to accomplish goal #2, but managed to finish strong, albeit very far off last year’s time.

Anyway, here are a few resulst I found.  Apologies if I missed anyone.  Hats off too to Glen Freyer: I thought it was pretty cool to see him in the mile.



37:18     Paul Giuliano
42:02     Charlie Slaughter
42″07     Paul Pierotti
46:11     Mark Frankel
50:41     Bill Wilde
56:04     Tom Kelly
1:00:41  Ed Trieste
1:00:49  Martta Kelly
1:06:49  George Studzinski


21:40     Charlie Slaughter


5:20     Glen Freyer

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