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Spring Lake 5, May 24, 2014–Don Manfria

This just might be my favorite short distance race, from the number of participants (this year there were close to 12,000) to the after race goodies. The Spring Lake 5 was race #2 in my 4 race test to see how my knee responds. I saw a number of Essex runners this past Saturday running: Samantha Spitaletta, Amanda Ryan, Mike Gorman, Tracy Keller, Gina Imperatto, Lynne Mortimer, Jerry Utr, Carol-Ann Manfria, and Paula Fields. I know there were more ERC members running but these are members that I saw. The atmosphere for this race is great; it seems like the townspeople that are not running are there to cheer you on. I entered this race with low expectations, I set a 9:00 min pace (45 mins overall) as a very achievable goal. In the back of my mind I would be happy if I could go 43 minutes . So after meeting up some of the “Bacon Bits” Samantha Spitaletta, Amanda Ryan , Lou Imhoff, and Mike Gorman at the front of the pack, other than Mike and Amanda (who were looking for mugs) we decided we would try to drag each other through an 8:30 pace. I couldn’t believe it when we crossed line at 41:41 for an 8:15 pace. Then it was time for the after party there was plenty of food from all types of fruit to snacks to Jersey Mike’s Subs is what really makes this race really enjoyable.

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