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Jersey Shore Triathalon, June 21, 2014–Laura Barry

This morning I completed first Triathlon. A little back story: I signed up for Jersey Girl Tri in 2013, because of a knee injury I wasn’t permitted to run so I competed in the Aquavela. This past December I signed up for the Jersey Shore Triathlon, Olympic distance…. what could go wrong! By the end of December I had a stress fracture… biggie I can still bike and swim. After the stress fracture healed I decided to go skiing (something I’ve been doing since I was 5) unfortunately a snowboard decided turning into me would be a great idea. So March brought a fractured shoulder. I remember saying “I guess my Tri is out” while at the doctors. Fast forward to shoulder healed 3 months of physical therapy. I got cleared to run again on April 1 and to swim May 1. So I switched to the sprint and hoped for the best.

This morning the alarm went off at 3:45 am, why do we pay for events to get up insanely early and drive over an hour for fun? I got to Asbury Park and racked my bike and started getting everything ready. I also started questioning if I really needed to wetsuit (that I had never swam in before.) I heard the announcement about the current being rough and the olympic swim being shortened (later to find out the sprint swim also got shortened). I looked around and almost everyone had on a wetsuit on, so I followed the masses.

We walked down to the beach and the water was looking ROUGH. I was the last wave in and one of the last ones in the water. My plan was to hang back and take my time. The waves were strong and the out and back swim felt like it took forever. Every stroke forward a wave would push me back. I somehow got out of the water in 5 min, transition was up the beach, across the boardwalk, and across the street. It felt like forever before I got to the transition. I stripped my wetsuit off and got my sneakers on (I chickened out on using my clip in pedals). I was off right into a head wind. 4 miles out and back twice. My out was much slower than my back….again I was pedaling and going no where into the wind and being passed….A LOT. But I was having fun.

I finished the bike and wobbled into transition…I can do this I thought I just have to run a 5k, easy…if my legs would just work. I finally got a good rhythm down for the run and stuck with it. At about 1.25 I stopped to walk for a second, a women came up from behind and said “just keep a slow jog you can do this” So I did! The run was 3 miles (on my Garmin) and after the hard swim, biking 16 miles, I kept a 10:20 pace.

Overall it was a lot of fun and a good experience. I’ll most likely do another one soon but may find one in a lake or a pool…I’m not really liking the ocean swims.

Swim 8:19.3 TI 3:26.4 Bike 1:14:10.2 T2 1:37.0
Run 30:46 Overall 1:58:35.

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