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Loon Mountain Race (Lincoln, NH), July 6, 2014–Helene Scarnegi

Today I participated in The Loon Mountain Race in Lincoln New Hampshire. This is my second mountain race there and I plan on doing another next year. This years race was a USATF Mountain Championship race and there were 4 women and 6 men who would make The USA running team. No , I did not make it lol! These folks are quite amazing and I did get to speak to one of the young ladies hoping to make the team. Not sure if she did . For many of them today it was definitely a competition but like last year it was a journey to the top of the Mountain for me. I didn’t think there was anything tougher than MT Washington but today truly was. It isn’t the miles because the women only had to do 4.8 and the men 7 miles . Pays to be female! The killer is the 40 percent climb towards the end and although less than a mile it is beyond description. It is called The Upper Walking Boss . It has you trying to find a way to get up this thing any possible way and I did contemplate crawling. The race had some severe downhill and I did fly as fast I could buy some parts so steep I was more vigilant The other difference from Mt Washington is all the big rocks and I kept twisting my ankles on . Now I get why spikes out of the question besides being illegal in these races. I tried to encourage others as there were many in a lot of pain and when I saw the photographer I gave him my best impression of a super star runner on the 40 percent climb lol! When I got to the top I was amazed at the view around me and such a clear day ! I felt accomplished and thought about what mountain I could do next . The piece I am still trying to figure out is the training as in NJ we just don’t have these mountains and the treadmill …,. I love that as runners we have so many options and places we can go . I have really enjoyed this path and it really makes me feel stronger . For those of you who like more than a hill I recommend these options and New Hampshire is always a favorite place of mine. So much to do ! While there I did a 10 k as a warm up run and what great people and beautiful course ! I am attaching some pics .

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