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Don’s Belated Birthday Pizza Mile

So tonight at the brand new refurbished track at Brookdale Park we held the 1st annual pizza mile. I can safely say this was the only race in the last 100 years where every competitor had a PR.The rules of the race were simple eat a slice of pizza run a lap repeat 3 more time. Each slice had to be eaten before you could begin any lap, and regurgitating results in a DQ.There was also a 2 person relay division for those that felt that they couldn’t eat 4 slices.At times it looked like there would be a few disqualifications but in the end everything went down and nothing came back up.  A special Thank-You to Carol Yallo Manfria and Nikki Manfria for all there help in organizing and setting up this event. Thanks to Judy Heller for being the official score keeper.
Bryan Manfria 11:44
Don Manfria 13:41
Oscar Gonzalez 14:23
Jon Alaya 15:02
Paul Pierotti 15:05
Ellen Brinks 15:59 (1st female finisher. Ellen also competed in an Ice cream 5k this morning)
John Tobin 16:09
Lou Imhoff 16:30
Brian Innis 17:22
Michael Gorman 18:28
Raymond Murphy 28:37

Relay division
Sarah Ford and Paige Alexander Sato 13:25
Alexandra Manfria and Elise 13:40
Samantha Spitaletta and Roselynn Horway 15:09
Elif Demirican and Gloria Cevallos 15:29

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