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Teterboro 5K (or was it?), July 19, 2014–Martta Kelly

Cross the 2.99-mile race off my bucket list!  Yes, that is what we ran today at Teterboro, billed as a 5K but as anyone with a Garmin agreed, fell short.  Oh well, the excitement was short-lived as those of us without running watches approached the finish line and viewed our “best time of the season” on the clock. Still happy with my time, as it WAS my best of the season, just not as fast as I thought.

There were 573 runners, a bit less than in past years, and we got a bit of a break with cooler temps, although the humidity made its appearance during the second half of the race.

Gerry Velli—20:11

Mike Sneden—21:32

Don Manfria—22:47

Bill Wilde—23:33

Tom Kelly—24:15

Martta Kelly—26:06


My apologies if I’ve missed anyone.

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