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Bradley Beach 5k, August 16, 2014–Martta Kelly

Tom and I did the Bradley Beach 5K this past Saturday, August 16. I was there for not even 10 minutes when I ran into about 5 people I knew from the running community, including Mike Wojcio, who reminded us that even though he lives in Hawaii, he is STILL a member of ERC. About 800 people turned out and we had great weather, warm but not too humid. I decided to take it easy on this one but surprised myself with doing one of my best times this season. Is a thank you to Paul Giuliano and his speed session(s) in order? I know it’s a bit early to tell, but still…!

Tom Kelly–25:58 (3rd AG)
Mike Wojcio–26:26
Martta Kelly–27:58

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